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Key Performance Indicators

In regular meetings, the Board of Trustees reviews college key performance indicators (previously called core ends) and assesses progress toward benchmarks; reports are then posted on the web for full community accountability.

HCC's key performance indicator system aligns with the Malcolm Baldrige Educational Excellence Criteria and includes the mandated Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) state indicators. The Baldrige criteria, HCC indicators, and MHEC indicators are subject to periodic revision.  Any modifications will be shared as the reporting cycle progresses and appropriate research will be conducted to provide data for these measures. Annual reports on each of the key performance indicators are issued to the board by the president.

The six key performance indicators against which performance is measured are:

  • Leadership

    Goal:  HCC will display and develop leadership, fiscal and social responsibility.
    This report examines how the college’s senior leaders address the organizational values, directions, and performance expectations to ensure a focus on students and stakeholders, student learning, faculty and staff empowerment, innovation, and organizational learning. Also examined are the organization’s governance system and how the organization addresses its public and community responsibilities (Baldrige category #1). 

    Download the 2022 Leadership Report

    View list of prior reports

  • Strategic Planning

    Goal:  HCC will engage in beneficial planning.
    This report addresses strategic and action planning, deployment of plans and how accomplishments are measured and sustained.  There are currently two Educational Excellence Criteria for this Baldrige category (Baldrige category #2).

    Download the 2022 Strategic Planning Report

    View list of prior reports

  • Student and Stakeholder Focus

    Goal:  HCC will create a dynamic and effective learning environment for its students.
    This report examines the college's key processes for gaining knowledge about its current and future student segments, stakeholders, and markets, with the aim of offering relevant and effective programs and services, understanding emerging student and stakeholder requirements and expectations, and keeping pace with market changes and changing methods of delivering educational service (Baldrige category #3).

    Download the 2022 Student and Stakeholder Focus Report

    View list of prior reports

  • Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

    Goal:  HCC will foster data-informed decision making.
    This report examines how the college selects, gathers, analyzes, manages, and improves its data, information, and knowledge assets (Baldrige category #4).

    Download the 2022 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management Report

    View list of prior reports

  • Workforce Focus

    Goal:  HCC will design and deploy programs to support faculty and staff development.
    This report examines the college’s efforts to build and maintain a work environment and faculty and staff support climate, conducive to performance excellence and to personal and organizational growth (Baldrige category #5).

    Download the 2023 Workforce Focus Report

    View list of prior reports

  • Operations Focus

    Goal:  HCC will provide useful educational support processes.
    This report examines the college’s management of key learning-centered processes for HCC’s educational programs, offerings, and services that create student, stakeholder and organizational value. It also examines the related support processes (Baldrige category #6).

    Download the 2023 Operations Focus Report

    View list of prior reports

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