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CustomClass allows you to take a credit course as a noncredit student so that you can enjoy pure learning for its own sakerisk free, hassle free, and stress free.

CustomClass is the noncredit way to take most of the credit classes listed in the credit schedule of classes. If you register as a CustomClass student, you may sit in the same class as those taking the class for credit; however, you will be enrolled as a noncredit continuing education student. You will receive the same instruction as credit students but will not receive a grade or transcript. You must be 16 or over to take a CustomClass.

  • Why Become a CustomClass Student?

    CustomClass is designed for busy people - You can attend classes listed in the credit schedule and obtain the knowledge you want for personal enrichment.

    • Cost Savings - You pay the credit in-county tuition rate and course fees, but not the consolidated fee. Out-of-county residents pay an additional $10 per course and out-of-state pay an additional $20 per course.
    • Lots of Choices - The CustomClass option is available during all credit semesters. You can take up to the equivalent of eight credits each semester. Some credit courses, as well as some new programs, may be ineligible for the CustomClass option. Please contact us with questions at
    • You don’t have to take the placement tests or meet prerequisites.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CustomClass?
    It's the noncredit way to take many of the credit courses listed in the credit schedule of classes. CustomClass students sit in the same class as credit students; however, they are enrolled as noncredit Continuing Education students. The CustomClass student receives the same instruction but does not get a grade/transcript. Using this option, you do not need to meet prerequisites or go through the credit student admissions process.

    How does someone register for a CustomClass?
    You can take up to the equivalent of 8 credits each term. Print the CustomClass registration form or use the form located in the Schedule of Credit Classes. Submit according to the instructions on the form. In-person registration is handled by the Records and Registration Office, RCF-233. Web registration is not available for CustomClass.

    Will CustomClass students get a confirmation of registration?
    Confirmation of course registration is sent by email. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation within three business days, contact registration at 443- 518-4825.

    What is the cost of a CustomClass?
    CustomClass students who live in Howard County pay the in-county credit tuition and any fees listed for the course. Out-of-county students pay an additional $10 fee per course, and out-of-state students pay an additional $20 fee per course. CustomClass students do not pay the consolidated fee required for credit classes.

    Is there a payment plan for CustomClass students?
    No. Students must pay in full at the time of registration.

    How much do Maryland seniors (60 and older) and those eligible for tuition waiver pay for a CustomClass course?
    Students who are eligible for tuition waiver pay a $40 registration fee per course, any fees listed for the course, and the $10 out-of-county or $20 out-of-state fee per course if applicable. CustomClass students do not pay the consolidated fee.

    Are refunds available for CustomClass students?
    During 15-week terms (fall and spring), students are eligible for a graduated tuition refund: 100 percent of tuition and course fees by the end of the first week; 50 percent of tuition and fees only by the end of the second week. There are no refunds after the second week of classes. During summer, winter or other variable time sessions (late start, fast track, express classes, etc.), students are eligible for graduated refunds during the first few days of a section.

    How does CustomClass differ from auditing a class?
    The audit student MUST meet prerequisites, take placement tests, fill out the credit application, and pay the consolidated fee. Out-of-county and out-of-state audit students must pay the credit out-of-county and out-of-state tuition rates.

    What textbooks do CustomClass students use?
    CustomClass students use the same textbooks and materials as do the regular credit students. Books are listed under the course title and section of the credit course at the HCC bookstore. Students may also order and pay for their books online.

    Does a CustomClass student receive a grade?
    No. The CustomClass student is a noncredit/continuing education student and does not receive a grade. A letter of attendance, upon request at the beginning of the term and with instructor verification, is available for students who meet the requirement of attending at least 80 percent of course meetings. Contact the CustomClass administrator at

    How does a CustomClass student get a continuing education letter of attendance? 
    If you would like a letter of attendance, contact the ConEd CustomClass office at
    443-518-4659 before registering to see if your course is eligible and for special requirements and instructions.

    Does the CustomClass student complete assignments or take tests?
    It is entirely up to you. You can decide whether or not to take tests or complete assignments. If you choose to take the tests or do the assignments, the instructor will grade your projects/tests but not assign an overall grade for the course.

    Can a CustomClass student switch to a regular credit student once the course has started and ask for a grade?
    No. Once you have selected the CustomClass option and register, you cannot later change your course status to credit or audit.

    Are ALL credit classes available for the CustomClass option?
    No. Courses listed here are not eligible for CustomClass option.  Some new programs may also not be eligible for CustomClass. Contact us at for up-to-date restrictions.

    What HCC services are available to CustomClass students?
    Custom class students who pay $125 or more in noncredit tuition and fees for the current credit semester may access the athletic center, library, computer labs, and are eligible for student discounts for certain events or performances during that semester. To use these services, you must obtain a student ID card which you can get by bringing your official HCC student receipt for the current semester to the Public Safety Office on the first floor of the RCF Building. You will be asked to show your student ID when using the facilities or requesting a discount.

    Is CustomClass available year-round?
    Yes. CustomClass is available during all credit semesters.

    Is there a waitlist for full courses?

    Where can students get more CustomClass information?
    443-518-4659 for general questions or 443-518-4825 for CustomClass registration assistance, or email

  • How to Register

    CustomClass students can register by fax, mail, or in person (online registration is not available). Use the CustomClass registration form (a hard copy of the form is located in the Schedule of Credit Classes). 

    To fax: send to 443-518-4333 (must include payment)

    To mail: please complete the form and mail it in (with payment) to Howard Community College, 10901 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044-3197, attention Lock Box Cashier RCF-201

    To register in-person: visit the Records, Registration & Veterans' Affairs office in the Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall, room RCF-233, Monday-Thursday 8:45am-7pm, Friday 8:45am-5pm

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