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Computer Study Lab Rules

Computer Study Lab Rules

Our goal is to maintain a quiet, clean, and comfortable environment in the computer study labs.  Therefore, we ask all lab patrons to follow our lab rules, for the comfort and benefit of everyone. 
Students who repeatedly violate lab rules or acceptable use of technology policies, or who fail to follow instructions from lab staff or cause disturbances in the lab may be expelled from the lab, removed from the campus by campus security, and/or reported for potential disciplinary action under the student code of conduct.

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the labs.
  • Cell phones should be set to vibrate, and all calls made or received outside of the labs.
  • Keep personal conversations to a minimum and at a low volume.
  • Do not bring children into the labs.
  • Be willing to relocate if another student needs a raised-height desk, specialized software or hardware at the station you are using.
  • Follow the instructions of lab staff to evacuate immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • Do not leave your property unattended.

We strictly prohibit:

  • Viewing pornographic material on college computers.
  • Downloading or installing applications onto college computers without authorization.
  • Transmitting any communication that would violate federal, state or local law or regulations.
  • Copying or transferring copyrighted software.
  • Plugging a personal laptop or other device into the college network jacks.
  • Interfering with or disrupting the college network, such as downloading large volumes of files, streaming video, etc., which diminishes the bandwidth available for all internet users on campus.
  • Propagating computer viruses; spamming; hacking; sending chain letters or slanderous materials.
  • File and music peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing.*
  • Tampering with, attempting to repair, adjusting settings, changing paper in printers or abusing college equipment.
  • Using college equipment for commercial activities or financial gain.

HCC does not tolerate music and other file sharing on its network.  Network staff may follow preventive and monitoring practices to ensure compliance.  
Downloading or sharing copyrighted music, videos, or games without permission from the copyright owner is illegal and can result in:

  • a criminal penalty of up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 in fines, even for a first offense.
  • a civil penalty of $750 or higher per illegal song.

Students may seek out legitimate and legal sources of digital content, such as the suggested sites listed by Educause.
Due to limitations on college bandwidth resources, some of the suggested legal sites may not be available from campus computers.
For further information, please visit the Library's detailed information on copyrights and illegal P2P file sharing.

Some students may need to use the raised desks or specialized hardware and software in the computer labs.  If so, you may be asked to relocate to another computer to accommodate this need.  Staff can assist with finding an available location.

If the labs becomes full, we will follow this priority access order:

  • Registered HCC credit and ESL students working on class assignments
  • All other HCC credit students
  • Non-students with alumni login accounts
  • Noncredit students and staff with special permission
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