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HCC Main Campus
10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
Training & Development Solution
Maryland Innovation Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD 21046
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Emergency Information

Public Safety Status Report

  • For information regarding HCC's current status and its response to COVID-19, visit 
  • For the status of Laurel College Center, check the status of Prince George's Community College.
  • For emergencies, call HCC Public Safety at 443-518-5555; for non-emergencies, call 443-518-5500.
  • To receive immediate notification of HCC emergencies and closing/delayed openings, subscribe to the free Mobile Alert System detailed below. 
  • For the status of performing arts events on campus, call the Horowitz Center Box Office hotline at 443-518-4030.
  • Students and employees, please be advised of traffic and parking changes due to the Howard County vaccination clinic.
Definitions for Operations Status
  • Code Yellow

    Code Yellow may be used for instances of mild to moderate weather. Code Yellow means the following for students and employees:

    • The college is open, but all campus buildings will be closed
    • Alternative or modified online instruction for all classes will be provided (flexible online delivery is recommended, as well as the extension of any due dates, as needed). If certain classes cannot meet online, faculty will inform students.
    • Remote delivery of student services will be enacted.
    • Employees should telework and refrain from coming to campus during the Code Yellow. If an emergency occurs and a non-facilities employee needs to come to campus, they are required to park in one of the garages.
    • Employees should work with their supervisors for specific expectations, ensuring that remote services are available to students. Supervisors should make every effort to ensure employees have work on Code Yellow days. Supervisors should understand that the college will allow time throughout the day, up to two hours, for employees to attend to personal needs without the need to use leave. If more than two hours of time is required, the employee must use personal or annual leave if work is available. If there is no work, then the employee would not be required to take leave.

    • Should employees need to take more than two hours or a full day away from work during a Code Yellow, they may use their personal days without prior approval. If all personal days have been used or not available, annual leave (staff and 12-month faculty) may be available upon supervisor approval.

    • Facilities staff should review the special procedures provided by the executive director of facilities and capital projects.

    • The Ecker Café on the Quad will not open on Code Yellow days.

    • During Code Yellow days, events in the Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center (HVPA) may be allowed to continue. Call the Horowitz hotline for the latest information: 443-518-4030.

  • Code Red

    Code Red may be used for instances of moderate to severe weather. Code Red means the following for students and employees:

    • The college is closed, which includes the campus and offices. 
    • All scheduled remote, and hybrid classes are canceled, however, online asynchronous learning may continue as needed, but a “snow day” is announced for students.
    • Employees should refrain from coming to campus other than designated facilities staff and designated public safety personnel. A “snow day” is announced for college employees and should be recorded on time sheets, accordingly.
    • Designated facilities essential personnel, public safety personnel, and others as needed will continue to operate as required. Other non-essential employees are not required to work and should mark college closed on their attendance record/timesheet.
  • Information for Employees

    During inclement weather days, the following scenarios could happen for employees:

    Power or Internet outages

    If a power or internet outage occurs at an employee’s remote worksite during a Code Yellow and is two hours or less, the employee should notify their supervisor and will not have to make up the time. If the outage is longer than two hours, the employee may make up the time in the evening or by working longer hours the next day.

    However, if the power outage extends more than a day at the remote worksite when the Code Yellow weather protocol has been activated, the employee  will need to use personal or annual leave.

    If the power outage extends more than a day at the remote worksite with no inclement weather emergency, the employee  will need to come to campus to work or use personal or annual leave. 

    Different weather conditions in your area

    All weather closings and Code Yellow and Code Red decisions are made based on the weather conditions in Columbia, Maryland.

    If the college is at a Code Yellow status, employees are expected to work remotely. If an employee lives in an area that has weather conditions that are significantly worse than the Columbia campus, the employee can ask to take personal or annual leave, or may also request to make up the time later in the day. In all circumstances, the employee will need to notify their supervisor.

    If the college is at a Code Red status, only designated level 1 facilities essential personnel and designated public safety personnel will be expected to work.

    Unexpected Weather Events

    If an unexpected weather event occurs while employees or students may be on campus, a Code Yellow or Code Red status decision will be announced as soon as possible.

Emergency Closing Policies 

There are several ways to check on the status of an HCC emergency or weather-related closing/delayed opening:

  • The HCC website homepage is updated with an announcement and will link to this page if there are details.
  • Subscribers to the HCC Mobile Alert System will receive a message on their designated device, if the Closings & Delays option was selected. Click here for more information on how to subscribe to this free, optional service for students and employees.
  • The HCC switchboard number (443-518-1000) has a recorded message about the status.
  • Many radio and television stations in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area are notified. However, for the most timely and accurate updates, please check one of the official college sources listed above. 
  • When the radio/TV stations announce that Howard County Public Schools are closed, Howard Community College Continuing Education classes held at those schools will be canceled.
Late Opening Policy

If the college has a late opening and there is 30 minutes or more of time left in a scheduled class at the late opening time, that particular class will meet for the remainder of the class time. For example, if your class runs from 11 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. and the college opens at 12 p.m., then your class would still be held.

Early Closing Policy

If the college will be closing early and there will be 30 minutes or more of time available for a scheduled class before the college closes, that particular class will meet during the available time. For example, if your class meets from 4:30 to 5:50 p.m. and the college closes at 5:30 p.m., your class would still be held.

Laurel College Center Policy

The Laurel College Center follows the closings and delays of Prince George's Community College. In the case of inclement weather, please watch for announcements for Prince George's Community College, or, call: 1-866-228-6110, or 443-518-4162. These phone numbers are continually updated with information about closings and delays.

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