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We want to keep you - our parents - informed and updated on what is happening at the Children's Learning Center and how your child is progressing with learning. 

When your child enrolled, you should have received a copy of the Children's Learning Center Parent Handbook (pdf). The handbook outlines the policies and procedures of the center. Some procedures are center-based; however, others are mandated by the college, the Maryland State Department of Education, and/or our accreditation agency.

To provide you with more information, we have created links and answers to what you want to know. If you have additional questions, please contact our center director or email her at


  • Parent Handbook
  • Forms

    The forms below may be printed from your computer and then hand delivered or mailed to the Children's Learning Center. Forms with an asterisk (*) are required for enrollment: In keeping with our college's focus on sustainability, we encourage you to print multiple page forms as double sided.

    Drop In Request Form  (only for children already enrolled).

    *Emergency Form

    *Health Inventory

    *Immunization Certificate

    Individualized Infant-Toddler Schedule

    Medication Authorization Form

    Schedule Change/Drop Form

    Family Information Sheet

    *Statistical Information Form (HCC Students Only)

  • Health and Other FAQ

    We want your child to have a healthy and happy experience at the Children's Learning Center. At the same time, we recognize that there are times that children will get ill or will face behavior challenges. That's why we have answers to your most commonly asked questions health, wellness, and discipline at our center.

    Health and Wellness

    May my child come to school when he/she is ill? 
    No. Home is the best place for children when they are contagious or recuperating. Your handbook lists contagious illnesses that require children's absence.

    Will the center give my child medicine? 
    Yes, but only with a doctor's prescription and written parental permission. A medication order form must be filled out for us to administer the medicine. In addition, no over-the-counter medicines will be given at the center.

    How often does my child need a medical exam? 
    Your child will need a medical exam only once upon enrollment. It must be within six months of enrollment and include an immunization history.

    What happens if my child is ill or hurt while in the center? 
    We will use your emergency form to find you so that you can be with your child. For more information, see the "emergency procedures" section in the parent handbook.

    Behavior and Discipline

    What will the center do if my child acts inappropriately?
    We use positive discipline techniques and try to prevent most behavior problems. For more information, please see the "discipline" section of the Parent Handbook.

    Will the center tell me if my child has special problems? 
    If we are not able to correct issues that may arise in a reasonable time, we will ask for your input and assistance. In such cases, teachers or the director will likely request a parent-teacher conference.

    Should I punish my child at home if he/she acts inappropriately at the center? 
    No. It is best if the teachers deal with the center behaviors and parents handle the home behaviors. We would like to share strategies with each other for dealing with inappropriate behavior so we can all be as consistent as possible for your child.

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