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Job Search Strategies

Review the seven steps below to help increase your chances of successfully finding the right job.

Step 1:  Know Yourself
  • Understand your responsibility in managing your job search.
  • Assess what you want out of a job and what is important to you.
  • Determine the skills you have to offer and what skills you may need to develop or renew.
  • Identify the type of position you are seeking as your objective.
Step 2:  Get Organized
  • Write down your goals and commit to established timelines.
  • Create a job search plan, and use a career portfolio to help you stay organized.
  • Update your resumé at least once a year to ensure current information.
  • Keep track of networking contacts, job leads, and resume versions.
Step 3:  Do your Research!
  • Research careers, specific positions, and industry trends.
  • Learn about the target employer's products, services, and culture before the interview.
  • Search the Internet, and use printed materials and other resources in the career center or library.
  • Contact professional organizations and associations for information as well as networking opportunities.
Step 4:  Develop Your Network
  • Participate in Counseling and Career Services sponsored events.
  • Join and participate in professional associations.
  • Keep in touch with classmates, professors, and previous co-workers.
  • Use daily encounters with people to expand your network.
Step 5:  Write an Effective Resume
  • Target your resumé for the position you are seeking.  You may need more than one resume depending upon your career goals.
  • Emphasize your skills and experiences by using adjectives and quantifiers to describe your job duties.
  • Update your resumé periodically to include current information and appropriate recognitions.
  • Utilize resumé samples from the career library, including electronic resumé formats, to help with sylistic issues.
  • Visit resumé writing websites for additional tips and resources.
  • Proofread your resumé for grammatical and spelling errors. 

    Contact the Counseling and Career Services Office 443-518-1340 to schedule a resume critique.
Step 6:  Become Comfortable with the Interview
  • Know what value you can bring to a company/employer.
  • Identify typical interview questions, and prepare effective responses.
  • Practice answering interview questions through a "mock interview."
  • Write thank you notes or letters after each interview. 
  • Visit interviewing websites for additional tips and resources.
  • Debrief with a counselor on how the interview progressed.  What worked well?  What needs improvement?
Step 7:  Evaluate Your Job Search
  • Identify the job search strategies that you have been using.  What has worked?  What areas might you strengthen?
  • Pursue all job leads provided to you from your network.  Make follow-up calls regarding job leads and completed interviews.
  • Constantly improve your skills and your ability to market them. 
  • Be alert and ready for when your next opportunity comes along. 
  • Be proactive and take action: do not wait for opportunities to come to you.

Visit job search websites to stay updated on possible job opportunities available to you.

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