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Job Search Checklist

Step 1: Know yourself.

I know my strengths, skills, interests, and values.

I know the type(s) of job(s) I am seeking.

I know the requirements for the job(s) I am seeking.

I can relate my experience and background to the requirements of the job(s) I am seeking.

Step 2: Know where you want to work.

I have a list of target companies and/or industries where I want to work. (good resource - The Book of Lists)

I have done and continue to do research on my target companies/industries.

I have determined the geographic location of where I want to work.

Step 3: Get ready for the search.

I have prepared my resume and cover letter(s) and have had them reviewed by a professional in my field or a staff member in Counseling and Career Services.

I have prepared a portfolio of work samples to highlight my experience, skills, and talent.

I have developed a list of job search resources that I will use on a regular basis, including the web pages of my target companies, general Internet search engines, classified employment ads, and Handshake.

I have developed my “30-second introduction” for calling employers.

I have prepared for interviews by practicing my responses to typical questions and/or doing a mock interview.

I have an interview suit that is appropriate for the field in which I plan to work.

I have a professional-sounding answering machine/voice mail message in case an employer calls.

I have a neutral/professional e-mail address to give to employers.

I have identified three professional references.

Step 4: Start searching.

I have a list of networking contacts

I have a weekly schedule for conducting job search activities, such as responding to want ads, checking Internet sites, keeping in touch with my networking contacts, and following up on leads.

I have a system for keeping track of my contacts, the jobs I have applied for and other job-search activities.

I have a calendar to keep track of my appointments.

I send thank you letters or e-mails to every person who interviews me.

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