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Remote Classes and Services Continue Through End of Summer Session

All classes are remote (online) during summer. Access to campus is restricted to authorized employees only. Find up-to-date information and resources at

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Interview Preparation Check List



❒   Directions.  Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early, and to avoid being late, go on a dry run at the same time of day and under the same traffic conditions that you will have to travel to the interview. 

❒   Full tank of gas

❒   Master application.  Employment applications ask for information about your work history that might not be on your resume, such as the address and phone number of previous jobs.  Fill out a standard employment application from any company and bring it with you so that will have this information in case the employer asks you to complete an application.

❒   Extra resumes

❒   Reference list (usually three references).

❒   Work samples or portfolio if appropriate

❒   Pen and notepad

❒   Questions to ask the interviewer  

❒   Name, address, and phone number of the person you are meeting with

❒   Cell phone

❒   Job description if available

❒   Comb or brush

❒   Other: _________________________________________________________________


❒   Make a positive impression by being prepared, arriving on time, dressing appropriately, and displaying confidence.

❒   Focus on/emphasize your strength.  Answer questions with examples of accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to do the job and how you would add value to employer's operations. 

❒   Be positive about your abilities and experience and relate every answer to the job.

❒   Think before you answer.  Be brief.  Be truthful.

❒   Rehearse answers to common interview questions.

❒   Make every answer related to the job you are applying for

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