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Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services is open and continues to serve prospective, new, continuing and returning students through email, phone, Zoom meeting and limited in-person appointments.

We are committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities, who are otherwise capable of meeting the technical and academic standards of their academic programs, are provided access to all facets of our college. Every semester we proudly work with nearly 700 students who have registered with Disability Support Services.

In order to maximize your opportunities for success, use this section as a guide in understanding the processes to follow when receiving accommodations for your disability at the college. Our student handbook is designed to clarify the college's legal obligations as well as your rights and responsibilities accessing services. We pride ourselves on not only meeting the letter of the law, but also going beyond to support you in the spirit of the law. We believe that all students with disabilities deserve to be fully integrated into all aspects of student life.

We look forward to working with you. To get started, you need to follow these steps:

Accommodations for Credit Students:

  1. Apply to Howard Community College .
  2. Call 443-518-1300 to schedule your appointment with a Disability Support Services counselor to discuss your eligibility for reasonable academic accommodations​.
  3. Work with Disability Support Services or Admissions & Advising to determine if you need to take the placement tests.  Let Disability Support Services know if you require accommodations on these assessments.
  4. Take the placement test, if applicable.
  5. Work with your Disability Support Services counselor, in concert with Admissions & Advising​, to get advised and register for classes.

All students with disabilities who require accommodations must meet with a DSS counselor to determine the appropriate accommodations. Please call 443-518-1300 or email with questions or to schedule an appointment.​

Documentation Guidelines

In order to be eligible for services, you need to provide appropriate current documentation of your disability. Although an IEP or section 504 plan may help identify services that been effective in high school, it may not be considered sufficient documentation for all accommodations. Documentation should be prepared by a qualified professional.  All documentation is kept confidential.

  1. The documentation must include the qualified professional’s name, title, professional credentials and affiliation.
  2. The documentation must reflect current symptoms and level of functioning.
  3. Documentation should include the following:
  4. Quantitative and qualitative information to support the diagnosis.
      1. Summary and interpretation of assessment instruments (clinical interviews, behavioral checklists, observations, etc.);
      2. Recommendations for prescriptive treatment, including medication;
      3. Recommendations for academic accommodations; and
      4. Evaluation as to if there is any possibility of a dual diagnosis.
  5. A 504 plan or an individualized educational plan (IEP) may not constitute sufficient documentation but may be submitted along with a medical or clinical evaluation. IEP and 504 plans provide limited information; DSS prefer that students submit medical /diagnostic information, if possible.
  6. Alternatively, the verification forms at the following links may be completed by the appropriate professional.

Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Howard Community College is committed to providing equal opportunity through its employment practices, educational programs, admissions and the many services it offers to the community. The Board of Trustees has committed the college to undertake an affirmative action program to enhance equality of opportunity and the recruitment of minorities. It is the policy of the college to abide by all applicable requirements of state and federal law so that no person shall be discriminated against or otherwise harassed on the basis of race, religion, disability, color, gender, national origin, age, political opinion, sexual orientation, veteran status, genetic information or marital status. The college will adhere to applicable laws and regulations affecting affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.