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Step UP

Step Up Coach and Student.


One-on-one support for managing the challenges of college and life.

The challenge of being a college student can be a little overwhelming. Feeling stuck and not knowing where to turn is more common than you might think. If you need help getting on track this semester, or if you could use a helping hand managing family, job, school and life, we can help.

The Step UP program pairs you with a faculty or staff coach who provides one-on-one support for managing the challenges of college and life. During weekly meetings, coaches provide encouragement, guidance and support for their Step UP students. There are no agendas or set goals; instead, students are encouraged to question, share and explore ideas with a caring listener. At HCC, every student matters! 

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Ready to Step UP?  

  • If you are a student who wants to join the program, submit the online sign-up form or email us at with your name, ID number, and home and cell phone numbers.
  • If you are a faculty or staff member who wants to become a coach, send us an email with your name, department, role at college and phone number.

Interested in the Step Up Scholarship?

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  • Testimonials

    What do Step UP students say about the program?

    “I love having uninterrupted time with my coach.”

    “My coach listens and helps me work through problems.”

    “I have learned how to stand up for myself.”

    “I like the close relationship I have with my coach.”

    “I can talk to my coach about anything.”

    “I feel like my coach knows what I am going through.”

    “I have learned how to talk to my teachers.”

    “I feel more connected to HCC.”

    What do Step UP coaches say about the program?

    “I love giving my full attention to one student.”

    “I have a better understanding of the problems and challenges students face every day.”

    “I feel like I make a real difference.”

    “I use Step UP coaching skills in all my relationships.”

    “I feel like I am an agent for change.”

    “My Step UP student feels empowered.”

    “I like the close, consistent contact.”

  • Responsibilities

    What responsibilities would I have if I join Step UP?

    • Make a commitment to meet with your Step UP coach once a week.
    • Cancel an appointment if you cannot make it.
    • Work on achieving goals that you set.

    What responsibilities does a Step UP coach have?

    • Attends training sessions.
    • Meets with a Step UP student once a week.
    • Keeps records.
  • Program Benefits

    How does Step UP work?

    You will meet once a week with your Step UP coach throughout the semester to discuss anything that is related to helping you succeed. You decide what you want to focus on; your coach is there to support you.

    Who should enroll in Step UP?

    • Students who think they could benefit by having a guide/mentor/supporter.
    • Students who want help connecting to HCC.
    • Students who need help adjusting academically or socially.

    How is Step UP helpful?

    • You will have your own advocate/guide/supporter to encourage you and help you make the transition to college.
    • You will improve your chances to succeed in your courses by having the support and encouragement of a Step UP coach.
  • Coach Info

    Who are the Step UP coaches?

    Full-time and part-time faculty or staff.

    How does Step UP benefit students?

    • A Step UP coach works closely with one student to help that individual make the transition to college.
    • A Step UP coach is like a guide/advocate/mentor/supporter.
    • A Step UP coach helps students stay on course and get connected to HCC resources.

    How does coaching benefit the Step UP coach?

    • A Step UP coach feels like s/he makes a real difference in one student’s life.
    • Coaching skills are transferable; they can be used in all relationships.
    • Coaching is a great way to connect with colleagues across the HCC campus.

    What is the compensation?

    • Full-time faculty can include Step UP in their MAP for the year.
    • Full-time staff can include Step UP in their annual plans.
    • Part-time faculty and staff can use the training sessions as part of their professional development each year.


Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.