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Programming - A.A. Degree (Transfer)

Programming program at HCC.
Take the smart and affordable first step to program your future in I.T.

This associate transfer degree program provides a core foundation in information technology with a strong focus on programming languages. 

This curriculum is a guide for transferring to a four-year institution, such as the University of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, or the University of Maryland University College to complete a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Students are advised to check the requirements of the major at the institutions to which they intend to transfer.

As a graduate, you should be able to:

  1. Utilize software and procedures to create web pages with HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript; use media and interactivity on web pages; work with appropriate applications and current programming languages.
  2. Demonstrate competence in programming, analysis and design principles, data structures, testing, and debugging techniques.
  3. Identify, understand, evaluate, and apply ethical reasoning in business practices.

Visit the Cyber Technology instructional area for all related programs.

  • Common Questions

    Why does HCC offer several associate transfer degree programs in programming? What is the difference between majoring in Computer Science, Information Systems Management - Programming/Technical, and Information Technology - Programming?

    Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology majors take at HCC the same programming classes such as Java, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL. The math requirement is the biggest difference—look carefully at the required courses for each degree. At your transfer school, however, the upper-level programming courses might be different. As a graduate, a computer science major would have the math to equip him/her for work in engineering firms or research laboratories, while an information systems major would not. Information systems and Information Technology majors, however, can work in many government agencies and businesses programming and designing applications that require no math beyond calculus.

    If you are transferring to UMBC, you must take both semesters of C++ at HCC. All of the other schools also strongly urge you to take both sequential semesters of introduction and advance level programming language at the same school. At statewide meetings, both two- and four-year schools agree on the topics that need to be covered by the end of the second C++ or second Java course, but the sequences may differ. Thus, taking one course at one school and then transferring might cause you to miss an important topic or two.

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