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Workplace Skills

Studies show that when businesses focus on developing essential skills in the workplace, teams are more productive, innovative, and efficient. Training & Development Solutions offers several different programs that will help your organization upskill your workforce.

  • Basic Computer Skills
    Increase your staff’s productivity by empowering them with skills they will use every day. Individuals can start with beginner classes and work through advanced. No experience necessary. We offer standard office application classes and can also set up a training to meet the specific needs of your team.
  • Communications Skills
    Excellent communicators understand that communicating with others is a complex activity. It involves the verbal and nonverbal, the written and spoken word, the ability to resolve disagreements, and the ability to actively listen. Learning these soft skills is key to successful interactions between staff members and customers.
  • Cybersecurity and Networking
    In today’s world, robust cybersecurity and networking are a must. We offer fundamental programs in IT and network security, and preparation for industry-standard certifications from CompTIA, Cisco Systems and Google. Our accelerated, streamlined classes are geared for applied skills.
  • Diversity/Respect

    Great leaders model and promote respect and celebrate diversity within the workplace. They know how to communicate with and motivate those from different cultures and generations, and, how to navigate ethical conflicts. Learn how to be a great leader.

  • Human Resources

    People are the greatest resource in any organization, and you want to recruit the best. Learn how to interview for top results, how to promote a harassment-free workplace, and the need-to-know legal and regulatory issues. We are a preferred provider of SHRM human resources training.

  • Occupational Training

    Occupational and skilled workers are always in demand. Our apprenticeships and trade programs provide the unique opportunity to connect with motivated individuals, participate in their training, and ultimately gain an educated employee with real-world experience. 

  • Personal Development

    One of the best investments employers can make is in the personal development of their staff members. Our courses will increase your employees’ ability to create and innovate, make decisions and solve problems, speak with confidence, soothe irate customers, and manage time and stress.

  • Programming and Databases
    Accessibility and management of information is vital to the success of any organization or business. Our courses teach the optimal design and creation of databases using applications including Microsoft Access & Excel, Tableau, SQL and more. We offer a variety of classes to meet the needs of the complex programming world, including C++, Javascript, Python, and C#.
  • Supervisory Skills
    Managers need a specialized tool kit to be successful. New managers first need to learn how to make the transition from peer to supervisor. All managers need know-how in a variety of areas: managing conflict, dealing with difficult people, resolving conflict between employees, appraising performance, and leading performance conversations.
  • Team Skills

    One of the defining features of human beings is our ability to work together. Successful leaders know how to identify individuals’ strengths and build group members into a cohesive, efficient, and productive team, all working to achieve the same goal. Team leaders manage tasks and motivate people to be the best they can be.

  • Web Development and Graphic Design
    Now, more than ever, we rely on online resources for information and interaction. A well-designed virtual presence will attract and engage your target clients and customers. Learn how to use the gold-standard applications of Adobe, WordPress, and HTML5 to create intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible experiences.

If you would like to set up training for staff at your organization, please contact us at 443-518-4459 or by email at

If you are interested in taking a class for your own professional development, please view our occupational training courses: