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Howard County Government Case Study

The Challenge

Howard County Government is comprised of many different departments, so when choosing a training vendor they needed to be certain the voices of many people would be heard. Each department at Howard County Government can request training for individuals in their workforce, which means training might be requested for government executives, fire and rescue, corrections, recreations and parks, and public works, just to name a few. Howard County Government needed a training partner that would spend time designing a solution that could effectively respond to each department’s request and that could customize the curriculum according to the particular department’s needs.

The Design

Over the years, Howard County Government has responded to many department requests for training. Each time, HCC’s Training & Development Solutions team helped create customized programs that were impactful and relevant for Howard County Government.

Customized Supervisory Program

Beginning each engagement with a discussion regarding the audience being trained, the skills needed, and the goals of the training ensures that government employees receive a high quality and customized delivery of their training. Over 700 employees chose to take the customized supervisory training, which consisted of six courses that pertained to Howard County’s needs.

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Making the Transition to Supervisor
  3. Decision-Making and Problem Solving
  4. Coaching and Feedback
  5. Managing Conflict
  6. Effective Delegation
Customized Communications Program

Another well-received training program focused on communication skills for employees. HCC customized the training program to create relatable case studies for Howard County Government employees and delivered four courses.

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Understanding 5 Generations
Customized Leadership Training

The Bureau of Utilities requested supervisory training and working with Training & Development Solutions, the Howard County Government identified that the workforce would most benefit from four courses, all focused on qualities that make a good leader.

  1. Making the Transition
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Building Trust
  4. Emotional Intelligence

The Impact

Each time that Howard County Government has engaged with HCC, the evaluations were positive, course comments were favorable, and instructors were deemed excellent. When asked if the customization made an impact in the overall training, Sharon Windham, Howard County Human Resources Training & Development Senior Administrative Analyst, responded, “Absolutely, particularly with respect to the scenarios given by instructors. We would not do this without customization, it is really important. We have so many different departments here, we need to customize training for each group.”