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Past Events

Training & Development Solutions offered a series of webinar trainings featuring subject-matter experts. 

“Power of Feedback and Coaching”

Feedback and coaching has the power to support and boost employee development and performance. This training discusses the value of building trust and rapport with direct reports, characteristics of effective feedback, and making the shift from feedback to coaching. Additionally, it explores key concepts of effective feedback and coaching, and simple frameworks to apply them in today’s constantly evolving workplace.

About the Trainer: Regina Rabenhorst is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) with fifteen years’ experience in needs assessment for both training and performance, training program and performance improvement design, delivery, and evaluation, e-learning course development, team development, change management, and organizational development. She holds a Master of Arts in International Training and Education from American University and a Bachelor of Science in Latin American Economic Development from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


"Increasing Success Through Awareness and Inclusion"

Our lives are significantly impacted by the unconscious biases and associations that guide our decisions. Increasing our awareness of these biases will enhance our ability to appreciate diverse perspectives and achieve our goals. An inclusive work environment where all are comfortable to engage and contribute is a key component of maximum success. This unconscious bias training will help you increase awareness, limit microaggressions, and enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

About the Trainer: James A. Parker is an adjunct family member of Howard Community College with over 20 years training experience in diversity and inclusion, equal employment opportunity, and conflict resolution. He has written, developed, and delivered training in these areas for senior leadership, management, and staff.


"Cross-Cultural Communication Confusion: Five Tips for Communicating Across Languages and Cultures" 

This special corporate training, Cross-Cultural Communication Confusion: Five Tips for Communicating Across Languages and Cultures, focuses on the skills employers and business professionals need to know to succeed in the today's work environment.

Communicating with colleagues from other language and culture backgrounds is more important than ever before. Broaden your understanding of how language and culture affect communication and provide you with five tips for improving your communication.

About the Trainer: Brad Knieriem has a master’s degree in applied linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He been involved in teaching linguistics and English as a Second Language (ESL) for more than 10 years, working both domestically and abroad.


"Building Employee Resilience"

This special corporate training, Building Employee Resilience, focuses on the skills employers and business professionals need to know to succeed in the today's work environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in high levels of fatigue, reduced self-care, and increased stress levels. Building resilience skills is not about ignoring stress, rather resilient people recover faster under pressure and have lower levels of anxiety and depression. In the workplace, this results in less employee turnover, less absenteeism, and less healthcare costs for employers. Learn how workplace resilience training is a must to help employees build lifelong skills to manage and bounce back from stress, whether that's coping with COVID-19 or any other cause.

About the Trainer: Jackie Hill is an educator and facilitator with over 14 years’ experience in adult learning. She is passionate about holistic health and well-being. She is an In Our Own Voice presenter for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, helping to reduce the stigma of mental illness.