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Training & Development Solutions

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    Training and Development Solutions provides the training, tools, and strategies you need to maximize the performance of your team.
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    We will team you up with the most qualified experts to design your business’ professional development strategies and achieve your specific goals and objectives.
    Customized Training
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    We provide resources and information that support your success. Learn from us.
    News and Resources

Training & Development Solutions by Howard Community College is focused on growing, evolving, and maximizing the region’s professional talent by providing stellar training to businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Since Howard Community College opened in 1970, we have worked closely with our clients to improve business results by maximizing the performance of their people and organization. Previously known as the Ecker Business Training Center, we have recently changed our name to better describe our mission: to create tailored training solutions to address your specific needs. You can expect the same excellent customer service, plus an expanded selection of service options.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have worked to create new and innovative ways to deliver training. While we are not currently facilitating as many in-person engagements, we are leveraging our existing online and virtual platforms, which have been part of our service mix for many years, to assure that continuing education and professional development opportunities can continue during these unprecedented times. As always, each engagement is unique. We take the time to get to know our client’s organization and culture. We then recommend a training strategy that is, by design, uniquely structured to ensure that our client’s business performance objectives are met. It’s all about the improved results – pandemic or not.