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Senior Adult 60+ Courses

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Learning for the joy of learning. Doesn’t that sound terrific?

Lifetime Learning at HCC

HCC is proud to serve Maryland residents ages 60 and up. If you fall into this category, we invite you to review our course offerings and see what inspires you. Explore the arts, history, philosophy, fitness and more. You may receive a tuition waiver for many courses. Fees are not included. At the annual Senior Adult Summer Institute (SASI) event, spend four days on campus, lunching and learning with new friends!

  • 60+ Courses

    60 Plus

    We have designed courses for residents ages 60 and up. But, feel free to enroll in any of our continuing education courses. View our latest 60+ courses below, and when you find a course you like, click register now.

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  • 60+ Tuition Discounts

    Maryland residents ages 60+ receive a tuition waiver for many classes. Fees are not included. All classes will have a total course price listed, with the included fees listed beside it in parenthesis. 

    Courses that are not eligible for tuition waiver will be noted with either "**" or the statement that there are no waivers.

    All course numbers that start with "XE" are not eligible for tuition waivers. Unless otherwise noted, students ages 60+ pay only the fees in parenthesis. You must be 60 when you register for the class in order to receive the discount.


    • $40 (includes $20 in fees) - Age 60+ pay $20, under 60 pay $40
    • $64 (includes $45 in fees) - Age 60+ pay $45, under 60 pay $64
    • $11** (fee based, no waivers) - All ages pay the same (in this case, $11)
  • Senior Adult Summer Institute (SASI)

    Four Days of Learning for the Love of It with SASI

    Co-Sponsored With Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks

    June 4-June 7 (Monday-Thursday), 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Kittleman Room (Duncan Hall, Room 100), Howard Community College 

    Join us for one to four days of “Learning for the Love of It” on HCC’s campus. The college will offer four unique one-day classes, each on a different topic in the arts, humanities, or science. Take one class or all four.

    Pick call 410-313-7279 for registration information. Please also pack a lunch. $20 per day.

    Space will be limited, so you will want to register early! 

    Monday, June 4: Emerging Artists in the Contemporary World taught by Ann Wiker
    Contemporary art is produced by living artists who are responding to many of the same cultural phenomenon and societal changes that we, as the viewers, experience. They are also sometimes creating work that is challenging the definition of art. In this session we will explore contemporary art styles and the work of emerging artists. We will consider which artists will remain significant and look at trends in today's art market.

    About the Instructor: Ann Wiker is the director of Art Exposure Inc. She has taught art studio and history and appreciation courses to students of all ages through Johns Hopkins University's and Towson University's OSHER Programs, York College, Roland Park Country School's Kaleidoscope program, Howard County Department of Parks and Recreation, and Frederick County Public Schools. Ann has been published in various local media and works as an art consultant and painter.

    Tuesday, June 5: Pre-Code Hollywood Films taught by Michael Giuliano
    Hollywood did not strictly enforce its production code until 1934. This film industry-administered list of ethical regulations remained in full effect until it was replaced by the current film ratings system in 1968. With that film history in mind, it is fascinating to go back and watch so-called pre-code films. Although relatively mild by today's standards, these typically short and saucy feature films made self-appointed moral guardians nervous in the early 1930s. To get a sense of what all that was as about, we will watch two pre-code films that were both released in 1933. Barbara Stanwyck gives a terrific performance in Baby Face, in which she definitely knows how to use her beauty in order to rise from poverty to wealth. And Mae West's innuendo-laden dialogue made her a top box office draw in She Done Him Wrong. It's no coincidence that West's screen popularity peaked in 1933 and then gradually faded by the end of that decade. 

    About the Instructor: Mike Giuliano is an Associate Professor of Film and Interdisciplinary Arts at Howard Community College. He is an arts journalist for the Baltimore Sun Media Group; and has written for publications including Variety, Baltimore News American, ARTnews, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore City Paper and American Theatre.

    Wednesday, June 6: The Vietnam War: Lessons for the 21st Century taught by Bill Rodgers
    We will look at the Vietnam War from the perspective of the Baby Boomer generation (Americans born in the mid-1950s). Learn about the historical background of the war, e.g. French colonization, the U.S. containment strategy, and the JFK/LBJ influence on the war; and how public opinion complicated their struggle to defeat communist insurgency in South Vietnam. We will focus on the draft, resistance to the war, my two weeks in Vietnam in the summer of 1996 and how the war influenced the culture of the instructor's generation. The course will conclude with discussion on the lessons that we should draw from U.S. involvement in the Vietnam conflict. 

    About the Instructor: Bill Rodgers has been a history professor at HCC since 2014 and at PGCC since 2005. He was a modern Hawaiian history teacher in Honolulu for 7 years. He has traveled to 23 countries and hitch-hiked through 35 states and Europe. On a personal note, Bill is a food co-op aficionado and proud father of a high school actress and scholar.

    Thursday, June 7: Music, Murder and Mayhem taught by William S. Murphy
    Not all composers have been Romantic dreamers and plaster saints. Everyone who knew Johann Sebastian Bach was afraid of him; he actually had a criminal record for assault. The truly terrifying Claude Debussy was once called "a tightly-wound ball of hate." But some composers have been actual killers – including a handful of serial killers. Beginning in the Middle Ages with a couple of murderous troubadours, we look at music's often astonishingly close links with crime and mayhem, from Carlo Gesualdo's year of slaughter to the relatively civilized world of large-scale piracy – which began at the court of France's King Louis XIV and continues to this day in the murky world of "borrowed" movie music. From out-of-work assassins writing opera libretti to composers caught up in organized crime, we look at the dark side of music, and consider the question of whether very bad people can still make important music.

    About the Instructor: Bill Scanlan Murphy was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1954 and holds an M.A. degree in music from the University of Oxford. A professionally complex life has included hosting radio shows (rock, classical, and documentary) for the BBC, writing music for TV dramas, and working with diverse programmers ranging from BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra to the Beach Boys and Charles Manson. "Cease to Exist," a radio documentary on the musical life of Manson, remains the most-listened-to documentary in the history of the BBC Radio One network. A parallel career as a naval historian has resulted in a book on early submarines and numerous articles and radio features, including one on how many composers have been naval officers. Apart from teaching at Howard Community College, Murphy also teaches at Harford Community College and is the director of music at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Baltimore.

If you take classes at a senior center in Howard County, you will be requested to fill out an emergency contact information sheet for the Howard County Office on Aging and join the center, which your class is held at no charge.

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