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History & Culture

A Discussion of Architectural Styles

Discover the styles of American buildings, with a Baltimore perspective, from colonial times to the modern era. This course will feature many examples from the Classical 1821 Catholic Cathedral to the Charles Center high rises of the Mid-Century Modern movement. Architect Robert Gisriel, AIA, will be your pictorial guide, describing the historical events, new technology and visual features that define these various styles.

Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon Apr 01-Apr 08 7PM-9PM Gateway Campus XE-586 6494 #5211
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Advanced DNA Techniques: Tracing Family History
This course is a follow-up course for students who completed DNA: Trace Your Family History. It will build on basic DNA knowledge with practical exercises in analysis techniques and understanding DNA matches. You will apply analysis tools to your own DNA test results in a workshop environment. The course will address advanced techniques, use of test company and third party tools, evaluating matches and organizing DNA information. Completion of a DNA test with a DNA testing company is required and DNA: Trace Your Family History is a prerequisite. Instructor: Andrew Hochreiter.
Tuition: $109** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon Apr 01-May 06 7PM-9PM Gateway Campus XE-415 6513 #4612
(No class Apr 15)
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Buddhism: From Bodh Gaya to America–The Eightfold Path *NEW*
Learn the history and practice of Buddhism, the fourth largest spiritual tradition in the world today. Instructor Cliff Long, a practicing Shin Buddhist with a M.A. in anthropology and archaeology, will discuss Siddhartha Gautama, who in his quest for enlightenment, became Buddha. You will trace the development of Buddhism via the Silk Road, its move to the West in the 19th Century and its growth and popularity in Europe and South America. An optional field trip to the Ekoji Temple in Fairfax, VA may be available.
Tuition: $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Jan 22-Feb 12 7PM-8:30PM Gateway Campus XE-345 6336 #4900
Wed Apr 24-May 15 7PM-8:30PM Gateway Campus XE-345 6361 #4902
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Constantinople: The Ancient Empire
Istanbul is a modern city that stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. First founded by the ancient Greeks as Byzantium in the seventh century B.C., the Roman emperor, Constantine the Great, revitalized this city a thousand years later and renamed it Constantinople. When the Roman
Empire in the West collapsed in the fifth century A.D., Constantinople carried on the imperial ideal and the citizens considered themselves Romans. As the new religion of Islam expanded, it was Constantinople that stood on the frontline of the confrontation between two major faiths, Christianity and Islam. In this course, you will explore the fascinating history of this city, from the crusades to free the holy lands to the eventual fall of the city in 1453 when the Ottoman Turks stormed the city and changed world history. Instructor Bill McGowan.
Tuition: $59 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Jan 17-Jan 24 7PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-380 6523 #5218
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Emperor Augustus and the Battle that Stopped Rome

In 9 A.D. a traitor from the Roman military led an army of barbarians who trapped and slaughtered three entire Roman legions in the forbidden, dark Teutoburg forest of Northern Germany. The 15,000 plus soldiers who were cut down represented a quarter of the Roman army stationed north of the Alps. It was a blow from which the first Roman emperor Augustus never recovered. In this course, you will examine the Roman occupation of Germany and study this famous battle which stopped Rome’s expansion beyond the Rhine River. How was it that an entire Roman army could have been led into such a perfect trap? Instructor: Bill McGowan

Tuition: $59 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Apr 25-May 02 7PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-325 6509 #5212
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King Tutankhamun and the Valley of the Kings

Examine the life and death of the Egyptian boy king, Tutankhamun, who has fascinated the world since the discovery of his almost-intact tomb in the 1920s. The tomb’s discovery is considered one of the greatest archaeological finds. You will chart his family lineage and consider the latest scientific data on who he was and how he died. You will also explore the history of the Valley of the Kings and why the boy king would have been entombed in such a remote, desolate location. You will also learn about a new museum currently being constructed in Egypt on the Giza Plateau near the pyramids, to house all the artifacts found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, which is scheduled to open this year. Instructor: Bill McGowan

Tuition: $59 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu May 09-May 16 7PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-304 6490 #3721
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New Genealogy on the Internet
In the past five years, because of technology and the internet, there has been a revolution in the way genealogists do their research and record their findings. Come learn about the huge repositories, some free and others with fees, to preserve your legacy (the treasures you have discovered) and to break through your brick walls. In addition, learn how you can contribute to the growing online resources to assist others in their quest and to select genealogy software for your home. Instructor Davis Gardner is president of the Howard County Genealogical Society and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this topic.
Tuition: $109** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Jan 22-Feb 26 6:30PM-8:30PM Gateway Campus XE-555 6549 #4534
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New Genealogy on the Internet II *NEW*
Internet technology has done wonders for both amateur and professional genealogists. Join Davis Gardner of the Howard County Genealogical Society to take your next step in family research. Learn what to expect from DNA testing, how to handle elusive female ancestors and how to use maps to understand your background. This course requires some computer skills but New Genealogy on the Internet is not a prerequisite.
Tuition: $79** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Apr 02-Apr 30 6:30PM-8:30PM Gateway Campus XE-506 6599 #6010
(No class Apr 16)
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The Gladiator: Arena Warriors of Rome
Gladiators have long been an iconic symbol of ancient Rome, but what do we really know about them? In this course, you will be an eyewitness to the most popular bloody spectacle of ancient Rome. The most successful could earn fame, if not fortune, but few would survive more than a dozen fights. We will explore all facets of a gladiator’s life, from training, diet and weaponry, to the actual fighting in the arena under the watchful eyes of the summa rudis (the referee). We will also explore the social dynamic of the games, as leading citizens often staged fights in order to enhance their political careers. These games formed the centerpiece of a massive entertainment industry run by cunning entrepreneurs that was carefully regulated by the government. Instructor Bill McGowan.
Tuition: $59 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Jan 31-Feb 07 7PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-378 6524 #5219
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