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Due to anticipated winter weather, Howard Community College is operating on CODE YELLOW status for Thursday, January 20, 2022. More information here.
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Finance & Investment

8 Life-Impacting Financial Strategies for Women

This class is for women who are looking for a fun, focused and fresh take on their finances and want to understand and be empowered by their financial decision making. Taught by an experienced female Financial Planner, the class will cover 8 simple but critical actions and attitudes in which smart money decisions can have a life-impacting effect on your financial success and empowerment. Designed for those in pre-or early retirement; all experience levels welcome! Learn specific, actionable strategies for each of the 8 key areas and how they can be applied whether you are single, newly single, widowed or married. Your takeaway will be greater knowledge and confidence and a plan of action applicable to you. Instructor: Lorie Scheibel.

(This course will be offered online via Zoom. Course information, including a meeting link and login information, will be emailed to registrants within 1 week of the course start date.)

Tuition: $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue, Thu Mar 08-Mar 10 6PM-7:30PM Online XE-136 6120 #9112
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Administering Estates in Maryland

Sooner or later, you or a family member may need to administer an estate in Maryland. Smart planning and preparation can save you and your family time, money, and stress during one of the most difficult times in life. Join Byron E. Macfarlane, Register of Wills, to learn about the probate process in Maryland. He will present valuable information about types of estates, the role of the personal representative, the importance of having a will, how to register a will, required documents for opening and closing an estate, probate fees, and inheritance and estate taxes in Maryland. There will be time for questions and answers about estates at the end of the class.

Tuition: $25** (fee based, no waivers)
Fri Mar 25 10AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XE-389 6607 #9060
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Investment Financial Literacy Part II - Selecting Investments

Now that we know what a mutual fund is or how a stock or bond works, how do we go about picking the right one for our portfolio? How do we evaluate a stock, and what matters when looking at a bond? Take your interest and experience in the investment world to the next level in this course, with instructor Alan Myers. Learn what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to match your investments with your goals. Prerequisite: Financial Literacy I or a working knowledge of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed Jan 26-Feb 16 7PM-8PM Hickory Ridge XE-538 6122 #9721
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Passport to Retirement

This unique and comprehensive course focuses on the issues and financial concepts that are important to those approaching retirement or retirees. In straightforward language, this class is designed to help you gain a clear picture of the retirement you want, set realistic goals and objectives, calculate how much you will need to retire, invest for the future, overcome roadblocks that impede progress, help protect wealth and assets and more. The sooner you become educated about retirement planning, the more prepared you will be to make informed financial decisions and build the wealth you need. Instructor: Chris Gordon.

Tuition: $59** (includes $52 in fees*)
Tue Mar 22-Mar 29 6PM-9PM Online XE-344 6115 #9126
Thu Mar 31-Apr 07 6PM-9PM Online XE-344 6116 #9127
Tue Apr 19-Apr 26 10AM-1PM Hickory Ridge XE-344-6162 #4631
Wed Apr 27-May 04 12PM-3PM Hickory Ridge XE-344-6163 #4634
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Proactive Aging: Arming Yourself With Knowledge

As you proactively plan for your future, participate in this interactive guided discussion with experts in the field. Thoughtful planning and follow-through can help avoid a crisis should health care or housing needs change or life events force decisions to be made quickly. This course is designed to present a list of options, considerations and professional services available to help you put a plan in place, ready to be implemented if needed. Topics will cover the benefits and care costs of remaining in your home; the services available should you decide to downsize and relocate; the differences in housing options; and costs between continuous care retirement communities, assisted living and small residential homes for modest incomes. One person registers in advance, a family member may register in class and attend at no cost. Moderator Deborah Bakalich is a member of Senior Care Lifestyles, a true ‘one-stop’ senior care resource service.

Tuition: $49** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Apr 26 6:30PM-8:30PM Hickory Ridge XE-284 6623 #9125
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Savvy IRA 401(k) Distribution Options

How do you plan to maximize your retirement benefits when you retire? This class will discuss tax reduction strategies to plan for a retirement income that will last a lifetime. You will learn to maximize your income during retirement, to recognize the importance of beneficiary designations, to address healthcare concerns and asset protection strategies, how to convert IRAs into Roth IRAs, and how to keep money in your IRAs using the stretch IRA concept. Instructor: Roger Desai.

Tuition: $59** (includes $45 in fees*)
Sat Dec 04 10AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XE-604 6015 #5461
Fri Mar 18 10AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XE-604 6117 #9138
Sat May 21 10AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XE-604 6118 #9139
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Stock Options for Fun and Profit
What is one of Warren Buffet’s secrets of success? Stock options! They are often extremely misunderstood and frightening, but once understood, become very useful tools for investors. Options can be used to reduce an investor’s risk or to enhance returns in several different ways. This course will attempt to de-mystify options and provide investors with the tools they need to employ options in their own investment portfolios. Learn a new investment strategy for your financial toolbox! Instructor: Alan Myers.
Tuition: $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Apr 26-May 24 7PM-8PM Hickory Ridge XE-469 6123 #9729
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Tax Planning Through Four Stages of Retirement

Learn what’s involved in creating a tax strategy for your evolving retirement needs. Identify types of taxes you will face at various stages, understand tax impacts on Social Security and Medicare, and gain strategies to avoid overpayment and maximize your income. Join experienced instructor and financial planner Roger Desai for this informative class. Instructor: Roger Desai.

Tuition: $59** (includes $45 in fees*)
Fri Apr 08 10AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XE-277 6119 #9124
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Wealth Without Wall Street

Join instructor Andy Paladino, CPA and financial advisor, for this new look at investment and wealth management without Wall Street. Learn how to save and grow your investments more efficiently, minimize income taxes, understand the power of uninterrupted compounding, and operate more like a bank. Think creatively about your financial strategy with the mindset, “What would the Rockefellers do?”

Tuition: $59** (includes $45 in fees*)
Thu Feb 24 7PM-9PM Hickory Ridge XE-135 6124 #9111
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* Fees not eligible for waiver.
** Tuition and fees not eligible for waiver for XE courses.
(S) = Supplies needed. Instructor will provide list at first class.
(T) = Textbook recommended or required. Purchase at HCC Bookstore or online before first class.
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