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Motorcycle Safety - Rider School

For Basic Rider, Alternate Basic Rider, and Experienced Rider Classes:

1. What do I need on the first night of class?
The first two sessions of a Basic Rider or Absolute Beginner Course are classroom-based. Bring a pen, any snack you’d like, and anything else you might take to a regular college class. If you’d like an instructor to approve your gear, bring it along, but you won’t need to wear it the first class. OTHER CLASSES BEGIN RIDING RIGHT AWAY. BRING ALL OF YOUR RIDING GEAR FOR AN ALTERNATE BRC OR EXPERIENCED RIDER CLASS.

2. If I take the class, does that get me my license?
Successful completion of a BRC, ABC or Alternate BRC qualifies you to receive a motorcycle license at MVA.  You do not have to take a written or riding test at the MVA. But you are not licensed until you visit a full-service MVA, present your waiver certificate, and pass an eye test.

MVA only allows us to give the waiver certificate to students who provide a Maryland license number. You need to have a Maryland license, learner’s permit, or state ID that has a Soundex number. If you have an out-of-state license, you’ll still receive a completion card, which is accepted by many other states. But if you are planning to change to a Maryland driver’s license, do it before attending the class.

We can’t guarantee that your state will honor Maryland’s completion card. But we will be happy to do anything we can to help you. Some states require a letter or scoring documentation. If you need it, we can provide it. Check with your state.

3. How do I get to campus?
Visit the campus Directions page.

4. Where is my classroom? Where is the riding range?
Click here for a map and look for your class type. Your registration statement lists the classroom location. You will also receive detailed information via email one week before your class starts.  Ranges are also shown on the map.

5. If the class I want to take is filled, can I get in on stand-by or be wait-listed? Yes. Call 443-518-4808 to be added to a waiting list. You should continue to check openings at since online drops will show up there immediately. Since the waiting list requires manual intervention, employing both methods gives you the best chance at securing a seat for desired dates.

6. What happens if there is bad weather or a holiday intervenes in my class sessions?
You should report to class no matter what the weather. Classes are held rain or shine, except in the case of hurricanes or tornadoes. Please note that we DO run classes on all holidays, even when the rest of the classes at HCC are closed.

7. What gear do I need for the range sessions?

  • A motorcycle helmet that meets DOT standards and is either ¾ or full faced. Off-road helmets are OK. Snell certified helmets less than five years old are preferred. 
  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots or shoes
  • Long pants and long-sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Sturdy, full-fingered gloves, preferably leather
  • Eye protection such as safety glasses, helmet face shield or sunglasses

8. I am under the age of 18.  How can I get into the class?
You must be at least 16 years and 3 months old.  If you are under 18, your parent must come with you to the first class to sign release and disclaimer forms. You will be required to show some sort of proof that you are old enough to participate.

9. May I preview the course?
Short sample videos may be viewed on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's website. You can also view a PDF of the Basic Rider Course Handbook online.

10. What happens if I am "counseled out" of a course by the instructor?
Individuals may be counseled out of a course (asked to stop by the instructor) if they are unable to complete an exercise safely or successfully.  You may just need to take a more basic course.  However, some people are just not suited to riding.  If an opening is available for a course in which the instructor determines you belong, you may request to be rescheduled into that course without having to pay an additional fee.  The decision as to whether you may continue a course is at the sole discretion of the instructor and is never taken lightly.

11. What should I do if I have attended all class sessions in the course but fail the tests at the end?
You have one opportunity to retake your test.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will pass the test, but most students pass either the first or second time.  Call 443-518-4808 to schedule your retest.

12. I have a CDL License. Is there anything I need to know about adding a motorcycle (Class M) license?
If you have a Hazmat endorsement on your CDL license, there are special requirements you must meet to add the Class M to your license. In order to add the Class M, you will have to (again) go through the background check, take the hazmat test, and pay the appropriate CDL/Hazmat license fee.  These additional requirements are for compliance with federal regulations regarding the Hazmat endorsement.

If you have other questions, please contact us:
Email or call 443-518-4808.

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