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Increased campus traffic due to the Howard County Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic. Please see guidance for travelling to campus for students and employees.
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Human Resources Classes

Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques
This course will focus on developing new ways of thinking, different from those typically learned in society. This course is intended for leaders and change agents who want to enhance their critical thinking and innovation skills in business and other domains. Topics include how to incorporate critical thinking into your analysis of business situations, techniques to build and lead an innovation team, developing critical thinking, innovation and assertive communication methods and tools that can be applied to individual tasks and the entire organization, and methods to optimize every situation and bring out the best in others. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $260 (includes $85 in fees*)
Sat Feb 27 9AM-4PM Online XB-143 W1851 #9433
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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 21st Century Workplace
This course is designed for students employed in Human Resources who have the need for a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Topics will include tools to overcome implicit bias in the workplace, common pitfalls when implementing diversity initiatives, and recruitment strategies for ongoing organizational success. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $260 (includes $85 in fees*)
Sat Apr 10 9AM-4PM Online XB-710 W1857 #0031
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Ethics in Human Resources Approach
This one-day class will address ethical issues in the workplace that involve human resource management. This course will explain ethics as the fundamental principles of right and wrong, and behavior that is consistent with these principles. Topics include human resources practices that must satisfy three basic standards: greatest good for the largest number of people, respect for the basic human rights of privacy, due process, consent and free speech, and the equitable and fair treatment of employees and customers by managers. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $260 (includes $85 in fees*)
Sat Nov 21 9AM-4PM Online XB-134 W1845 #6115
Sat Apr 17 9AM-4PM Online XB-134 W1859 #9441
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HR’s Role in Creating a Positive Work Environment
This course will explain the characteristics of a positive workplace where employees are passionate about their work and exhibit personal and professional pride in the services they provide. Employees who look forward to coming to work and who interact with their co-workers in a collaborative and collegial manner create a positive workplace. This course will also look at managing conflict, good communication, providing feedback effective coaching and development, recognizing and acknowledging good work, effective performance management, and being proactive in dealing with issues in a fair and transparent manner. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $260 (includes $85 in fees*)
Sat Mar 27 9AM-4PM Online XB-709 W1854 #9436
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HR’s Role in Organizational Development And Change Management
This course will discuss human resource management interventions concerned with managing individual and group performance. In addition, this course will look at organizational development as the process of planning and implementing interventions to create interpersonal, group, inter-group, or organization-wide change. .9 CEUs.
Tuition: $265 (includes $85 in fees*)
Thu Nov 19-Dec 10 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-707 W1841 #6106
Wed Mar 10-Mar 31 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-707 W1852 #9434
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Introduction to Compensation
This 12-hour course is designed to provide an overview of a total compensation system and the skills needed to create one. Topics will include job descriptions, Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) classification, job analysis, job evaluation, defining pay structures, using pay surveys, computing market rates, establishing pay ranges, analyzing employee pay levels, and the use of incentives and other benefits. Course also addresses ensuring fairness in the compensation system and the role of compensation in retention. 1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $280 (includes $85 in fees*)
Wed Apr 14-May 05 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-706 W1858 #9439
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Introduction to Employee Benefits
This course is an overview of employee benefits including key benefits legislation, Social Security, Medicare, workers compensation, Family and Medical Leave and other government mandated benefits. Retirement, health, disability and other benefits in both the private and public sectors will be covered, as well as non-statutory benefits, preferred compensation plans, qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans, and methods and tools to develop, select, administer and evaluate benefit programs and ensure they are compliant with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $290 (includes $95 in fees*)
Tue Mar 30-Apr 20 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-704 W1855 #9437
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Managing Conflict: A Professional Approach
In this six-hour course, participants will start to appreciate the differences in opinions that your coworkers have without arguing about them. Discover how to have a healthy conflict without destroying your character, projecting the wrong image of the company, and losing your job. This training session is designed to teach you how to manage conflict effectively. Topics to be covered include how to turn the negatives into positives, how to identify your hot buttons and how to react professionally when conflict arises. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $260 (includes $85 in fees*)
Sat Apr 03 9AM-4PM Online XB-129 W1856 #9438
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Managing Employee Performance
This course is intended to prepare you to develop and practice effective performance management techniques. You will be shown the stages of the performance management process, methods for measuring performance tools to communicate performance feedback, and the legal requirements for performance management. 1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $280 (includes $95 in fees*)
Mon Apr 19-May 10 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-708 W1860 #9442
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Successful Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
This course is a comprehensive overview of the recruitment function. Participants will study the fundamental principles of workforce development, develop a recruitment strategy, review recruitment methods, identify alternative staffing options, develop and implement selection procedures, (including applicant tracking, interviewing and testing), develop employment offers, conduct negotiations, and evaluate retention strategies and practices. .9 CEUs. 
Tuition: $265 (includes $85 in fees*)
Thu Mar 25-Apr 08 6:30PM-9:30PM Online XB-705 W1853 #9435
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