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10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
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6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD, 21046
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Entrepreneurship & Self Employment


Accounting and Recordkeeping for Small Business
A certified public accountant will explain various methods of accounting, their functions, and the factors to consider when selecting the method for your business. Topics will include a case study of an accounting system for a small business, required documentation for business transactions, and the recommended retention for business records. Instructor: Betty Stehman, CPA.
Tuition: $70 (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat May 04 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus XB-593 6376 #5045
Sat Jun 15 9AM-4PM Laurel College Center XB-593 M1608 #0654
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Basic Federal Tax Information for Small Business
This course provides guidelines for new or prospective business owners on their rights and obligations under our nation’s tax system. Topics will include types of business entities and the advantages and disadvantages of each, the range of required tax forms, payroll requirements and reporting and initial filing requirements with the federal government and state taxing authorities. This course will be taught by a practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in start-up businesses. Instructor: Thomas Scurlock. .6 CEUs.
Tuition: $75 (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat May 18 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus XB-584 6344 #0663
Sat Jun 01 9AM-4PM Laurel College Center XB-584 M1609 #0655
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Conference Planning Management
Perfect your skills in time management, delegation, and client relations. Hot topics include goal setting, site selection, budgeting, planning creative functions, and managing meeting logistics.
Tuition: $75 (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Jun 22 9AM-4PM Laurel College Center XB-611 M1615 #0679
Sat Aug 10 9AM-4PM Laurel College Center XB-611 M1616 #0680
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Entertainment Management *NEW!*
As an entertainer, you may be on the stage, but you’re not alone! Entertainment is a challenging business, but you can overcome the obstacles with passion, knowledge and an entertainment manager. This course shows you the ropes by covering the artist/manager relationship as talent coach, business manager and promoter. From building a fan base to maximizing the resources for venues, press and social media, this is the partner you need to get into the spotlight.
Tuition: $132** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed, Fri Apr 17-Apr 26 6:30PM-9:30PM Laurel College Center XE-904 M1811 #5487
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Entrepreneurship Certificate
Earn a Continuing Education Certificate of Completion for Professional Development. Identify the skills and characteristics required for all successful entrepreneurs. Students will create a business plan and learn ways to market products and services in this three-part series. Students will receive an email with login instructions by the start date. Please visit or call 443-518- 4680 for more information.
Tuition: $495 (includes $470 in fees*)
Apr 01-Jun 28   Online XO-934 4717 #5836
Jun 03-Aug 30   Online XO-934 4908 #1196
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Site Selection/Unique Venues
Learn the basic steps of the site selection process for event planners. This course will review the legal issues in selecting your site, how to determine the physical requirements for the site, what to consider when selecting meeting rooms, the choices in configurations, how facilities charge for meeting rooms and the formula for determining what size room is needed. The right size room can save you money and make your attendees more comfortable.
Tuition: $45** (fee based, no waivers)
Thu May 23 6:30PM-9:30PM Laurel College Center XE-530 M1617 #0681
Thu Jul 18 6:30PM-9:30PM Laurel College Center XE-530 M1619 #0683
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Starting a Small Business—An Entrepreneurial Training Course

This course is designed for start-up entrepreneurs as well as established business owners and organizations who understand that success starts with a proven business plan, a road map for the future. The course provides an orderly process to apply basic business principles to create actionable, measurable, and effective strategies for your small business. You will learn how to use research tools to attract customers and create revenue.

Instructor Pedro Marin has years of experience in developing and assisting small business start-ups.

.8 CEUs.

Tuition: $105 (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed Jan 16-Jan 30 6:30PM-9PM Gateway Campus XB-192 6372 #5043
Wed Apr 03-Apr 24 6:30PM-9PM Gateway Campus XB-192 6374 #5044
(No class Apr 17)
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Starting Your Meeting Planning Company
Have you ever thought of starting your own meeting management company and didn’t know where to begin? This course will provide you with the information you need to establish your own business. In addition, you will receive information on developing and reaching target markets such as associations, corporations, individuals, the government, weddings and parties.
Tuition: $75 (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Jun 29 9AM-4PM Laurel College Center XB-595 M1619 #0684
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Voice-Overs: Now Is Your Time

In what could be the one of most enlightening two hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how to begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos and more! You will learn a unique, out-of-the-box method to cash in on one of the most lucrative full-time or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Instructor Will Kamp is a successful voiceover actor for Honda and national television stations.

Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Jun 13 6:30PM-8:30PM Laurel College Center XE-100 J1624 #6625
Wed Jun 19 7PM-9PM Gateway Campus XE-100 6386 #4586
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