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Faculty Resources (International Education)

International Education’s endeavors help globalize the HCC community, provide access to a variety of international experiences for all students, and rely on strong faculty support and expertise. Explore how you can get involved with International Education at HCC!


International Education programs, such as study abroad, are considered high-impact practices by the American Association of Community Colleges.  “The Importance of Global Education” (2020) highlights the critical need for community college students to engage in international and intercultural experiences so they can become competent global citizens.  Consequently, creating a variety of meaningful global academic opportunities is vital to student success well beyond time spent at HCC.

Creating international and intercultural experiences for students also gives faculty the opportunity to further global learning and development and contribute to the broader internationalization of our campus and community. 

If you are interested in creating a study abroad program or COIL course, participating in INSPIRES, or applying for a travel grant, learn how to get started in the appropriate section below.

Travel and Virtual Study Abroad

How can you start a travel or virtual study abroad program?

HCC offers faculty-led academic travel study abroad programs in locations such as Ghana, France, and Bermuda.  These are typically 1-2 week programs that take place over spring break or early in the summer. All HCC travel study abroad programs are attached to an academic course and offer students engaging and relevant experiences abroad that takes them beyond just being a tourist.

We also offer several virtual study abroad programs, which are courses that include multimedia enhancements such as live or recorded talks and tours from important cultural sites delivered from experts abroad. No travel is required and students do not have to pay extra fees or go through an additional application process. Virtual study abroad programs may take place at any time.

We know that it can be overwhelming to think about starting a new study abroad program of any kind.  That’s why we have developed clear processes and in-person training to assist you on this journey.

Your first stop should be the International Education page on the MyHCC portal. There, you will find resources for developing either a travel or virtual study abroad program.  Resources include guides, proposal forms, and training schedules.

Once you review these resources, please be sure to contact the Director of International Education to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas, review processes, and ask any questions you may have.  We look forward to taking this rewarding journey with you.

COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)

What is COIL?

COIL provides the opportunity to “use Internet-based tools and innovative online pedagogies to foster meaningful exchange between university-level teachers and students with peers in geographically distant locations and from different linguacultural backgrounds (SUNY COIL Center).”

HCC’s COIL courses include a 3 to 5 week collaborative project with one of our partner institutions abroad and provide an engaging opportunity for students and faculty to work with their peers online.  

If you would like to participate in COIL and/or work with one of HCC’s international partners, please visit the International Education page on MyHCC for resources and necessary forms. 

Once you review these resources, please be sure to contact the Director of International Education to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas, review the processes, and ask any questions you may have.  We look forward to taking this rewarding journey with you.


What is the INSPIRES Global Perspectives Program?

INSPIRES is a year-long faculty and staff professional development program that gives small groups of colleagues the opportunity to undertake in-depth exploration of a global topic. Projects in recent years have focused on Cuban literature, Chinese politics and society, global food systems, and support for international students, to name just a few.

Members of INSPIRES project teams determine their own meeting schedule and learning outcomes, and projects are applied to MAPs or Annual Plans to meet diversity and professional growth requirements.

International Education will send an invitation to the annual kick-off meeting in August.  You can also contact International Education for more information.

International Faculty Grants and Funding

HCC’s ongoing internationalization efforts depend on the knowledge and efforts of faculty and staff in all areas of the College. In recognition of this, we are pleased to provide several grant opportunities each year to assist faculty in their pursuit of international research and/or projects.

The Sharon Schmickley International Travel Grant is available to full- and part-time faculty and staff from any area of the College who have not received HCC international travel funding in the past. The Schmickley Grant is intended to support a broad range of activities that will contribute to campus and curriculum internationalization.

The Livieratos International Endowment Grant is available to full- and part-time HCC faculty and staff members who have been with the college for at least five years. Proposed projects must be related to the mission of international education at HCC and may include research abroad, volunteer activities, educational seminars and conferences, or other job-related international travel. 

The HCC International Faculty Grant is available to full-time faculty only (including prior recipients of HCC international travel grants) to promote course and curriculum internationalization. 

Grant and proposal information is shared with the campus each semester.  In addition, information regarding proposals and deadlines can be found on the International Education page on the MyHCC portal.  You can also find a resource listing several external sources of funding for international projects and training on the portal.

Please reach out to International Education with any questions you may have.

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