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Silas Craft Collegians

A Silas Craft cohort.


Crafting Pathways to Success

The Silas Craft Collegians Program is an academic leadership learning community for recent high school & high school equivalent graduates who wish to maximize their academic achievement through personal coaching, academic support, and smaller class sizes, while connecting with a group of like-minded peers. 

Program participants receive the benefit of:

  • Participation in a unique college readiness retreat for incoming first year Collegians (see below for details). 
  • Personalized academic and transfer advising to prepare and stay on track for success
  • Tutoring and study groups
  • Personal mentoring, career exploration, and skills development 
  • Leadership development and networking opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Service learning and study abroad opportunities

Want to join us? Click the link below to apply!

Apply to the Silas Craft Collegians Program 

  • Why Silas Craft Collegians is Right for You?

    Have you ever found it difficult to stay on task?

    Do you find it challenging to remain motivated?

    Want extra support to help you continue reaching your goals?

    Silas Craft May Be Right For You!

    Our program helps you CRAFT Pathways to success by offering you the following:

    • Tutoring and academic support
    • Group and teambuilding exercises
    • Seminar courses designed to assist you with your course work and identify campus resources

    Our program helps you CRAFT Pathways toward engagement:

    • Connecting classroom learning to community and global experiences through service learning projects and study abroad opportunities
    • Preparing you for leadership roles at the college and abroad
    • Affording you opportunities to explore topics which prepare you for career and transfer readiness

    With the support of our program you’ll never travel your path alone:

    • All participants are paired with a staff mentor who serves as a personal coach.
    • Students can gain access to scholarships and financial assistance.
    • Discover early access to advising and tutoring resources.
  • More About the Program

    Program Mission

    The Silas Craft Collegians Program is a comprehensive academic leadership, learning community specifically designed for students who desire the benefits of exploring their true academic potential. Participants receive complimentary assistance with academic motivation via personal coaching, academic support, smaller class sizes, cohort-based learning, peer reinforcement, mentoring, and financial assistance. The program also supports those students who wish to significantly improve their chances of entering a four-year college and/or those who wish to pursue other rewarding education and career opportunities.

    Program Vision

    The Silas Craft Collegians team envisions themselves as equitable partners in student achievement. Our goal is to provide an affirming, learning centered environment where students are equipped with the tools to see greatness in themselves as well as the experiences of others. Additionally, students are provided supportive faculty, staff, and student-centered services that will equip each of them with the information, motivation, and agency needed to attain their educational and career goals.

    Silas Craft Collegians Student Profile

    The Silas Craft Collegians are a diverse group of students who progress through the program in designated cohorts based on their time of entry. The program has three cohorts, the first of which aids first year students in their transition to college, the second of which emphasizes the students second year advancement process and the third, which emphasizes the obtainment of life skills, job readiness, transfer to a four-year institution and AA degree obtainment.

    Silas Craft students include the following characteristics:

    • First year, first time students
    • Students who desire the opportunity to reach their full academic potential
    • Students who are recommended to the program by a high school instructor or counselor
    • Students who desire 1:1 assistance and personal mentoring
    • Students who desire co-requisite support and enrichment opportunities
    • A diverse group of students with an expansive range of academic abilities

    Ways to support our students

    Donate to the program today by visiting the HCC Education Foundation

    Support Our Students!

  • About Dr. Silas E. Craft, Sr.

    Dr. Silas E. Craft Sr. was an education entrepreneur in the Howard County Public School System. Through his efforts to achieve education opportunity and equality for African American students, he led the charge to open Harriet Tubman High School, the first of its kind in Howard County specializing in educating students from disenfranchised African American communities.

    The Silas craft Collegians Program was named in honor of Dr. Craft due to his rich legacy in the Howard County community, his unwavering faith in education access and opportunity for all, and his family’s continuous work within the Howard County community.

    You can read Silas Craft's obituary here.

  • New Students

    Silas Craft Collegians Program Virtual Pre-Orientation


    Monday, August 2 – Friday, August 6, 2021

    The Silas Craft Collegians Program engages first-year students entering the program in a week-long pre-orientation that takes place prior to the start of the fall semester. The pre-orientation includes a series of activities designed to aide students in the transition from high school to college, develop academic goals and objectives, promote team building and motivation, and enhance students’ awareness of academic support services for success at HCC.
  • Contact Our Staff

    Jarrell Anderson
    Phone: 443-518-3858

    Jarrell Anderson serves as the Director of the Silas Craft Collegians Program. As the Director, Mr. Anderson is responsible for managing the tactical, strategic and administrative direction of the program. Mr. Anderson also teaches the program’s third year human development seminars. Mr. Anderson likes to volunteer, mentor and cycle. Additionally, he lives by Maya Angelou’s quote “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

    Candace dePass

    Phone: 443-518-4017
    Candace dePass serves as the Assistant Director of the Silas Craft Collegians Program. In this role, Ms. dePass teaches human development seminars specifically designed to acclimate first year students to the college experience. Ms. dePass provides all program participants with academic and personal advising, manages participant scholarship offerings, and supports the Director with assessment initiatives. Ms. dePass also coordinates the program’s pre-orientation, social and cultural events.

    Angela Phillips
    Phone: 443-518-4128

    Angela Phillips is the Program Coordinator of Silas Craft Collegians. In the role of Program Coordinator, Ms. Phillips teaches Human Development Seminars, specifically designed to ensure the successful transition and/or completion of second year participants of the program. Ms. Phillips also provides Craft Collegians academic and personal advising, monitors academic warning, coordinates advising initiatives, as well as the program’s social and cultural events.


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