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Remote Classes and Services Continue. Fall Registration Underway

Find up-to-date information and resources at Classes available this fall in three formats: hybrid, which includes some on-campus instruction, scheduled remote, and flexible online. Explore class offerings, or register today for fall at

HCC Main Campus
10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
Gateway Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD, 21046
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Science, Engineering, & Technology


B.A., University of Maryland;
M.S., Towson University;
Professor, Anatomy/Physiology;
Dean, Science, Engineering & Technology;
M.D., University of Madras;
Professor, Biology;
Associate Dean, Science, Engineering & Technology;


B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
M.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
Professor, Biology;
Chair, Life Sciences
B.S., University of Maryland College Park;
M.S., University of Maryland College Park;
Associate Professor, Physics/Engineering;
Chair, Engineering and Technology
B.S., College of William & Mary;
M.S., University of North Carolina;
Professor, Physical Science;
Chair, Physical Sciences


B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
Ph.D., University of Texas Austin;
Associate Professor, Physics;
A.B., Smith College;
M.S., University of Massachusetts Boston;
Assistant Professor, Earth Science/Physical Science;
B.S., Morgan State University;
M.A., Johns Hopkins University;
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University;
Professor, Chemistry;
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic State University;
M.E.S., University of Virginia;
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University;
Assistant Professor, Chemistry;
B.S., Washington and Lee University;
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison;
Associate Professor, Biology/Environmental Science;
B.S., California State University, Chico;
M.S., Florida State University;
Ph.D., Florida State University;
Assistant Professor, Physics/Astronomy;
B.A., Harvey Mudd College;
M.S., Claremont Graduate School;
Associate Professor, Engineering;
B.S., University of Richmond;
Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
Associate Professor, Environmental Science/Biology;
A.A., Rets Technical Training Center;
B.S., University of Phoenix;
Professor, Computer-Aided Design;
B.S., Vanderbilt University;
M.S., University of South Florida;
Professor, Physical Science;
B.A., Goucher College;
Ph.D., University of Washington;
Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology;
B.S., Ohio State University;
Ph.D., Michigan State University;
Associate Professor, Chemistry;
A.A., Howard Community College;
B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
M.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
Assistant Professor, Biology;
M.E.S., University of Strathclyde;
Assistant Professor, Engineering;
B.S., Lafayette College;
Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore;
Assistant Professor, Biology;
B.S., Ohio State University;
Professor, Technology;
B.A., Knox College;
Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park;
Professor, Biology;
B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County;
M.S., Ryerson University;
Associate Professor, Biology;
B.S., University of Maryland;
M.S., George Washington University;
Associate Professor, Biology;
B.S., Shandong Medical University;
M.S., University of Missouri-Kansas City;
Associate Professor, Chemistry/Physics;
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