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Special Projects

The Children's Learning Center playground.

Children’s Learning Center

Library for Little Learners

The Children’s Learning Center (CLC) is a Maryland State Department of Education accredited childcare program that is located on the campus of Howard Community College. The CLC provides an important role in the campus life at HCC.  For almost twenty years, the center has offered high quality and affordable childcare to low and moderate income students, HCC employees and the local community.  This project will upgrade and expand the Library for Little Learners and offer training opportunities on overall literacy skills for teachers and families. Teachers will receive training on strategies to enhance literacy opportunities and ways to promote family engagement related to language and literacy. Parents will also receive training on literacy strategies to use at home.  The library provides parents the convenience of borrowing books without having to go to a different location to access reading materials. The opportunity to bring home more books to read in the home environment directly correlates to their children’s later reading success. 

Thank you to our current funders; PNC Grow Up Great, Morgan Stanley Foundation.  Please consider making a donation to help complete this project.

Skilled Immigrant Project 

The Multicultural Banking and Finance Workforce Development Training program provides workshops that focus on workforce development and career development for mid and advanced level English speaking, bilingual, and multi-lingual credit and non-credit students.  HCC is expanding and building on the successes of the Multicultural Banking and Finance Training Program and the Health Care Interpreters Program to develop a Skilled Immigrant Training Program that will assist this population in seeking career jobs in one of four industries (health care, accounting/bookkeeping, IT, and banking/insurance). HCC has an opportunity to prepare foreign-educated professionals with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to connect to a number of industries to secure professional employment in the United States. Financial support of this program allows HCC to offer these programs at a very low cost to the student.

Thank you to our current funders; Sandy Spring Bank, PNC Foundation, BB&T, M&T Bank, Fulton Bank, and SECU. Please consider making a donation to support this program that provides necessary training and career opportunities for skilled immigrants in Howard County by capitalizing on their education, skills, and talents acquired outside the U.S. in order to meet local workforce needs.

Grow Green Skills

The HCC Community Garden addresses food insecurity from multiple angles.  The primary focus is on providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low income students, but also this program educates the next generation on the importance of local food production, the need for environmental sustainability in the process, and introduces the participants to the agency of individuals and small communities needed to make this happen. This project is a partnership between student services, which oversees the community garden and the food pantry, and the culinary arts program that manages the beehives and fruit orchard. Student volunteers will be actively involved in every step of this project. Funding will be used to support annual costs for seeds, equipment and maintenance of the college’s community garden and beehives.  Part of the initiative includes developing and instituting an ingredient and recipe meal kit program; culinary arts students will develop recipes and instructional videos for using the prepared vegetables; food pantry volunteers will combine the prepped vegetables with food pantry items for in-home healthy meal preparation.

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