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Academic Support Services

Students sometimes face obstacles that can cause them to postpone or stop their education, such as: tutoring, disability support, hunger, help in purchasing class materials, and life emergencies.


  • Books

    Although many students with financial need receive scholarships the funding does not always cover books or class materials.  Unable to afford books, many students drop classes or struggle to be successful. Your support of the book fund can provide students with all the required resources they need for a class. 

  • Career Links

    Career Links

    The Career Links program assists single parents and displaced home makers with identifying challenges, establishing goals, and provides assistance to overcome barriers and achieve academic goals. More than 75% of Career Links participants are over the age of 25 and 99% are female. Your support provides additional resources so more students can be assisted.

  • Childcare at the Children's Learning Center

    Childcare at the Children's Learning Center

    Sometimes students with children struggle to afford childcare, which directly impacts their ability to attend classes, study and maintain employment. The Children's Learning Center (CLC) at HCC provides high-quality early education and care for infants through preschool-age children. CLC tuition assistance can make it possible for students to attend class while their children receive consistent, affordable child care that prepares them for kindergarten.

  • Disability Support

    HCC is committed to ensuring that all students who are capable of meeting the technical and academic standards of their academic programs are provided access to all facets of the college. Your support makes it possible for more students to take advantage of support programs and resources.

  • Emergency Helping Hands

    Daily living emergencies, such as a house fire, unexpected utility bill, or major car repair, can force some students to make the tough choice between their education and their financial needs. Your support can lend a helping hand at a critical point in a student’s life and may be the difference that allows a student to finish their education.

  • Food Fund
    The food fun provides emergency food assistance for full- or part-time credit students (6 credits minimum) in the Howard P.R.I.D.E. program, through either the distribution of Café on the Quad vouchers or food purchases by the director of the program.
  • Food Pantry

    Lack of food has a direct impact on a student’s ability to learn, deal with challenges and make good choices. The HCC Food Pantry is open to students and stocked with the basic essentials. Your support of the food pantry can help address a student’s most basic and immediate of needs and help them focus their energy on studying instead of worrying where their next meal will come from.

    The students at Howard Community College are grateful for all things donated. However, the pantry cannot accept items such as homemade foods, home pickled and canned goods, items containing alcohol, expired items, or items in glass containers.

    The HCC food pantry is located in the Health Sciences Building, room 174, and is open Monday, 3:00–5:00 pm; Tuesday, 1:00–3:00 pm; and Thursday, 1:00–5:00 pm. Donations can be dropped off during these times or left in the receiving box outside the pantry when closed.

  • Tutoring

    More than 1,500 students request tutoring annually, a need which goes beyond the college’s current resources.  The HCC Educational Foundation works with academic staff to identify the greatest needs for tutoring and your support helps students receive the tutoring assistance they need to progress in their education.

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.