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Peter and Elizabeth Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center

Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center
This 78,090 square foot building offers specialized instructional spaces for the Arts & Humanities division as well as theater and performance spaces. The Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center is home to three performance venues, Smith Theatre, Studio Theatre, and Monteabaro Recital Hall, and two art galleries, The Rouse Company Foundation Gallery and the Richard B. Talkin Art Gallery located a short walk away in McCuan Hall. The center serves students studying visual and performing arts, while hosting performances and exhibitions at the student and professional level.  


145,300 SF


Small Conference Room

222 SF (room 426)
$5,000 each


General Biology Lab

1,274 SF (room 360)
1,246 SF (room 362)
1,208 SF (room 363)
1,239 SF (room 364)
$15,000 each

Microbiology Lab

1,234 SF (room 250)
1,236 SF (room 252)
$15,000 each

Genetics/Cell Biology Lab

1,311 SF (room 382)

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

1,339 SF (room 462)
1,332 SF (room 463)
$15,000 each


Inorganic Chemistry Lab

1,245 SF (room 350)
1,248 SF (room 352) 
$15,000 each

Organic Chemistry Lab

1,682 SF (room 450)
1,697 SF(room 452)
$15,000 each

Chemistry for Allied Health Lab

1,249 SF (room 353)

Physics Lab

1,142 SF (room 150)
1,156 SF (room 153)
$15,000 each

Physical Sciences Lab

1,142 SF (room 154)


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