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Remote Classes and Services Continue Through End of Summer Session

All classes are remote (online) this spring semester and during summer. Access to campus is restricted to authorized employees only. Find up-to-date information and resources at


Event Dollars at Work

The generous contributions of Howard Community College Educational Foundation special event sponsors as well as ticket sales enable 100 percent of net proceeds to fund HCC student scholarships, programs, and endowments in these key areas:

Net proceeds from HCCEF special events allows funding to these priority programs:

ROUSE SCHOLARS: A selective, challenging honor and leadership program designed for recent high school graduates planning to transfer to distinguished 4-year institutions.

SCHOENBRODT SCHOLARS: An honors program providing students with strong grade point averages opportunities to take stimulating honors classes.

SILAS CRAFT COLLEGIANS: Providing recent high school graduates whose past academic performance does not reflect their true potential with a comprehensive academic program leading to an associate degree.

ATHLETICS: Helping students become the best they can be, on the field, courts, and in the classroom

STUDY ABROAD: Howard Community College offers a variety of study abroad options that allow students to enrich their lives while deepening their educational knowledge. Study abroad scholarships enable underrepresented minorities and low-income students to share in these experiences.

BOOKS: Your support of the book fund can provide students with all the required resources they need for a class.

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.