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Wanda Garcia, HCC Employee

A profile photo of Wanda.
The instruction at HCC is top quality; students are challenged, yet supported throughout their academic career at HCC.
HCC has contributed to multiple areas of Wanda's family-centered life and values. Now she chooses to give back.

For Wanda Garcia, giving to the Howard Community College Educational Foundation is about family and values. She has worked at the college for over 25 years, her mother was an instructor for 10 years, and her daughter is currently a student. Wanda has been a student and adjunct faculty. She relates to the challenges students overcome to achieve their education.

“I know the hardship of trying to afford paying for college, studying as a divorced parent, while working full-time and struggling with dyslexia,” she says. “I have always held the belief that if I could make the learning experience a little easier for just one student, then my giving is definitely not in vain.”

When asked what she sees as the three most important reasons to support the college, Wanda says, “Instruction, integrity, and inclusion.” She explains, “The instruction at HCC is top quality; students are challenged, yet supported throughout their academic career at HCC.”

Integrity is a key value for the college, demonstrated by the way HCC meets its mission of providing pathways to success. Students have access to the most relevant technology and instruction, as well as appropriate support for disabilities or counseling, to prepare them for higher learning or to enter the workforce.

And, she values the college’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, “No matter the race, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation or age, all are supported at HCC.”

Wanda’s giving is centered around her values. “Education is the key that opens so many doors in life. Granted, not everyone will earn a Ph.D. or even a bachelor’s degree, but if someone can obtain a certificate or take a class that will make a difference in their life and if I am helping them to do that in some small way, that makes me very happy.”

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