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The Rouse Company Foundation

Al Scavo of the Rouse Company Foundation
The Foundation has always felt HCC was worthy of gifts.
For five decades, The Rouse Company Foundation has supported innovative programs at Howard Community College (HCC).

Founded in 1963 as part of community-planning visionary James W. Rouse’s company, its mission is to support human services, education, affordable housing, and fine and performing arts within the Greater Baltimore and Howard County areas.

“The Foundation has always felt HCC was worthy of gifts,” says Al Scavo, trustee of The Rouse Company Foundation. “HCC is a fundamental institution, charged with contributing to the advancement of the county. It has grown phenomenally over the years, providing an enormous benefit to individuals and to the community. HCC’s ideas creatively address needs, and their implementation plans are well written and well vetted, and they tie back into the goals and objectives of The Foundation.”

Foundation gifts include funding for The Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall, The Rouse Company Foundation Art Gallery (inside the Horowitz Center), and Howard Community College Educational Foundation special events. Most recently, The Foundation awarded HCC a grant to start the Math Academy—a program aimed at advancing incoming students’ mathematics skills to the level needed to take college-level courses. “Programs like this save students time and money and get them past their worry that math is a foreign language they need to master,” says Scavo.

As part of its mission of investing in community improvement, the Foundation champions affordable education. “Community college is the future,” says Scavo. “The concept is fantastic. You get two years of terrific education at a very reasonable cost to your family and yourself. And, education gives people self-confidence. You gain the benefit of earning a legitimate living, providing for others, and being an asset in your community life. Without the college, so many students would not have education. They simply couldn’t afford it. The college is fundamental in helping students get into careers and other higher education institutions.”

The trustees of The Foundation applaud HCC’s ability to quickly pivot to meet changing needs.

According to Scavo, “The college is transforming itself each year—constantly adapting to provide what is needed. The way in which the college functions—how the professors relate to the students, how costs relate to reality of financing—it all works together to create paths to success.”

Why has The Foundation donated to HCC for so many years?

“The Foundation is committed to supporting education,” says Scavo. “HCC is thinking ahead, planning for the future, and working for the students. HCC provides opportunities that would otherwise not exist for tens of thousands of people. It makes education accessible and achievable to students of all ages.”

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.