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Steve Snelgrove, President, Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

Steven Snelgrove
The hospital and the community college fit into the larger picture of the overall health of the community – economic development and quality of life.
A valuable partner and supporter of HCC students for decades.

“When you think of community – a place to live and work – you expect quality of life, public education, and health care,” says Steve Snelgrove, president of Howard County General Hospital (HCGH), a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, talking about the hospital’s long-standing relationship with Howard Community College (HCC). “The hospital and the community college fit into the larger picture of the overall health of the community – economic development and quality of life.”

Snelgrove has been president of HCGH since 2014, but the hospital has been a partner and supporter of HCC for decades, sponsoring numerous fundraising events, supporting health care programs, and developing scholarship funds for students.

Snelgrove explains that the partnership was a natural fit. “It is symbiotic – your programs are consistent with our mission and needs, and we are able to support those programs financially.” Over the years, the hospital has provided funding and scholarships for health care programs and students, even helping to launch the accelerated nursing program in 2004. The Howard Hospital Foundation also provides money for student scholarships, which are distributed through the HCC Educational Foundation.

“Our needs will continue to evolve together,” says Snelgrove, explaining that HCGH is able to communicate employment needs to the college, and HCC has been able to build curriculum to meet those needs.

And, the value of community college is closely tied to the overall wellness and longevity of the community it serves. “Community college provides an affordable way for individuals to discover what they want to be, to grow and develop. It encourages them to get involved, and stay, in the community where they live.”

Snelgrove believes that corporations and organizations have a social responsibility to be “of the community” not just in the community. And, giving to the community college is and effective and efficient way to make a measurable difference.

“When you give a scholarship to a student you can clearly see the impact on the individual and what it has done to change their life.”

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