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Sabine Wilson, Howard Radiology

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We want to give people in the community the ability to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to get a job and begin their career in a most effective and affordable manner.
Sabine Wilson of Howard Radiology gives to make a difference in the future

“We’re part of the medical community and want to help the next generation of health care providers find their way,” says Sabine Wilson, owner of Howard Radiology. “We see HCC’s innovative health care training as a way students are preparing to meet career goals and workforce demand.” 

Howard Radiology has been a clinical site partner for HCC’s radiology students since the radiologic technology program began in 2008 at the college. In addition, Wilson says that the relationship with HCC students gives her staff a chance to hone their management skills, as well as providing a pipeline of new employees who already have a relationship with the Howard Radiology team.  

Wilson and her husband, Bob Hartson, also support scholarships through the HCC Educational Foundation, Inc. Together, they began the Hartson-Wilson Family Trust in 2013 to help students nearing the end of their programs. 

“We want to give people in the community the ability to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to get a job and begin their career in a most effective and affordable manner,” Wilson explains.  “HCC is strong in health care, and we wanted to help those who would replace us in the field.”  

Giving to Howard Community College also has personal meaning for Wilson and Hartson. The couple’s daughter took classes at the college during her junior year and their son earned his associate degree. 

“That achievement helped fuel him on to the University of Maryland where he is a handful of credits away from completing his degree. We are proud to be supporters of HCC. We really want to make a difference for the next generation.”

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.