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Robert Collier, Cybersecurity Student

You have to be on the field to get in the game and become a player in the industry. I’m definitely getting the right start at HCC.
Having run a business for years, Robert took steps to strengthen his technical prowess at HCC.

Robert Collier was a man with a game plan, taking a step to strengthen his technical prowess at HCC. Having run a business for a dozen years, Robert and his wife Millicent, provide web design and Internet marketing services to small businesses.


“When it comes to cybersecurity, so much attention is centered on the government sector, but I have a different perspective,” says Robert Collier. “I know the preservation of customer information, credit card data, and intellectual property is important to small businesses, more than many even realize. However, the more cyber crime makes the news, the more likely it is that business owners will look for help protecting their networks.”

Collier, a full-time student at HCC, is taking steps to offer that protection. He plan to test networks for vulnerability to hackers and “harden” them to protect intellectual property and the financial security of small businesses. Collier is studying network security, and has also earned several industry certifications through HCC, including being among the first recipients of the new Cyber Incident Responder certificate from the Department of Defense.

“I fell in love with cybersecurity when I started my classes here,” Collier says. “My teachers are great motivators, and I’m paying a fraction of the cost that I’d pay anywhere else.” Collier was also awarded the Lockheed Martin IT Scholarship, for students with high academic standing in STEM programs.

Once he earns his associate degree, Collier plans to pursue his bachelor’s in cyber security/information technology. “You have to be on the field to get in the game and become a player in the industry,” he says. “I’m definitely getting the right start at HCC.”

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