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Mike Canet, Prostatis Financial Advisors Group

Mike Canet
I am proud to be a member of HCC’s alumni, and I am proud to be a supporter and donor.
Financial executive says HCC paved his way to success

Mike Canet donates annually to HCC, as a way of giving back

Mike Canet owns Prostatis Financial Advisors Group, a firm that specializes in financial planning, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, insurance, and investment management, with offices in both Maryland and Florida. Additionally, he hosts the nationally-syndicated television show, “The Savvy Investor,” and authored the book “Surviving the Perfect Storm: How to Create a Financial Plan That Will Withstand Any Crisis.” He holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Baltimore, along with a law degree from Catholic University. But when Canet thinks back to which educational experiences truly paved the way for his success, he thinks of his time at Howard Community College (HCC).

“Early on, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, and starting out at my local community college meant I could explore, be exposed to a lot of different things, and figure out my true strengths and interests,” said Canet. “HCC gave me an incredible foundation and encouraged me to grow as both a student and a person.”

When Canet attended HCC, the campus consisted of just two buildings. He believes the college should be incredibly proud of the progress it has made over the years, expanding facilities and programs to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of students, as well as serving as a “hub” from which local employers can recruit strong talent. Witnessing the college’s progressive growth motivated Canet to reconnect with HCC and come on board as a financial supporter. He has served on the Vino Scholastico event committee for many years, in addition to supporting the fundraiser with a $2,500 sponsorship, annually.

“Years ago, the people at HCC saw that I needed guidance and support; they gave it to me and helped me identify a solid pathway for my career and life,” said Canet. “I choose to support the college financially because I know it helps provide the same valuable services for students who are working toward their degrees today. I want to be part of the good things happening that help students succeed.”

Recognizing his professional success as well as his ongoing support of HCC’s growth, the college recognized Canet as a “Distinguished Alumni” in 2006. It’s an honor that he is genuinely proud of, especially when factoring in the number of HCC alumnae who have gone out in the world to accomplish remarkable things.

“I will continue to support HCC as a way of giving back, in appreciation for the great experience I had here as a student, and also encouraging others to take advantage of all the school has to offer,” said Canet. “I am proud to be a member of HCC’s alumni, and I am proud to be a supporter and donor.”

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.