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Judy Smith

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We’ve gone from the industrial age to the information age to the technology age and to continue to evolve as a society, we need our citizens to evolve. We need to keep pace with the technology and education is one way to do it.
Judy Smith’s involvement in Howard Community College goes full circle from being a student to helping students.

Judy began by taking  noncredit Italian and credit culinary courses, went on to serve on the Howard Community College Educational Foundation Board, and then to donate to the Health Sciences and Science, Engineering, and Technology  Building. “Continuous learning is a philosophy of mine.  We should continuously learn and then having something like HCC close to my home makes it easier for me,” she says.

Her donations reflect her interest.  As an engineer, her contribution to the Science, Engineering, and Technology Building was a natural fit. “I gave to Health Sciences to acknowledge the good, strong nursing program and to pay respect to my parents where their name is on the space,” she adds.

Smith appreciates HCC’s wide scope.  “HCC has multiple roles in the community – for students who may not be ready yet, can’t afford a four-year university, or for students who need more nurturing.  It’s a very nurturing school and cost effective.  For adults, it’s a great place to go to take courses that are of interest to you.”

HCC is also very agile.  It constantly tries to meet the needs of the corporate community, bringing in industry leaders to guide their programs so their students can compete.”

Smith says education is probably the number one consideration for her charitable contributions, “Education is the foundation for most things in our community and our society.  It’s important to give back to the community and to help others, to share your success. It really feels good to know you have helped others.” When on the foundation board, she enjoyed “hearing the wonderful success stories from the students.  There was a need and a great cause.  It seemed like a great match for me.”

She encourages people to visit campus and “see all the wonderful things that are going on, from new buildings to new programs, and discover the assets that are available.  People also don’t know about the visual and performing arts activities. It’s a lovely campus environment all the way around.”

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.