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Ellen Saval, BIC Educational Foundation

Ellen Saval of the BIC Educational Foundation
Our hope is that the students will follow their dreams, become self-reliant, and in-turn, become givers themselves.
Providing pathways for young students by funding full-year work-study internships at HCC's Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies.

Partnering with Howard Community College Educational Foundation, BIC Educational Foundation has developed a unique model for supporting culinary arts and hospitality students in the region. In addition to scholarship funds, the BIC foundation is funding a full-year work-study internship position at Howard Community College’s Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies.

“We are funding the program for a hospitality or culinary student to work as the inventory receiver clerk in the Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies,” explains Ellen Saval, executive director of BIC Educational Foundation. “This allows the student to have a real-life work experience. ”

Established in 2015, the BIC Educational Foundation’s mission is to support organizations that educate culinary arts and hospitality students in the Baltimore area.

In her role, Saval has learned that students come into the hospitality and culinary arts for a variety of reasons. From a passion for cooking, to curiosity fanned by celebrity chefs and TV food competitions; or perhaps warm memories of cooking with family; and for some, personal struggles with food insecurity drive them to want to provide food for others.

“When you think about providing shelter for people, or providing food for people, these are essential things,” says Saval. “People come into this field with some basic knowledge, but not necessarily understanding the science or health implications of a recipe. There is so much to learn, and having more knowledge lays the foundation for the student, and, in turn, those that they serve.”

She describes the relationship with HCC as having real synergy. “We have resources, and your students have needs. We feel an obligation to give back to the communities where we live and work. The local economy reaps the benefits of educated local students.” According to an EMSI economic impact study, for every dollar allocated to HCC, there is a 4.6% return on investment to state and local government.

“Our hope is that the students will follow their dreams, become self-reliant, and in-turn, become givers themselves.”

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