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Derek Ammons, Pathway Scholarship Donor

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Education was very important because knowledge is power.
Derek started by obtaining an associate degree in computer science at HCC, and now his experience has inspired him to give back. He has been a donor for eight years.

Derek Ammons had a good job as a computer scientist, but he didn’t have a degree in that field of study. The Laurel resident looked into his options, and Howard Community College caught his eye - again. Ammons had previously obtained an associate degree in Spanish, and knew HCC would provide him with an opportunity to attend classes while continuing to work.

In 2009, Ammons obtained an associate degree in computer science. But that’s not all he took away from attending HCC. Inspired by his own experience, Ammons wanted to give back and has been a donor for eight years.

For the past two years, Ammons’ contributions have supported the need-based Pathway Scholarship, which provides residents of Howard County with scholarships ranging from $600 to $1,200. Recipients range from recent high school graduates to veterans and returning adult students like Ammons.

“Education was very important because knowledge is power,” he said. “’El qué estudia, aprende’ - He who studies learns. I’d rather contribute to an organization that helps people think.”

One of the top reasons Ammons cites for giving to HCC is the affordability of the college, which allows donated dollars to go further. He also appreciates the support provided for adults pursuing valuable career skills, and the fact that HCC is local - as he says “Like the saying, ‘Think globally, act locally.’”

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.