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Cheryl Reynolds, HCC Employee

"In my 30 years working with students, I've seen many receive tuition assistance but find their financial aid resources are exhausted before they pay for books, and as a result may drop out or apply for a loan."

Working in HCC's Financial Aid office, Cheryl noticed that nursing students are especially impacted, as the cost of books and nursing kits averages between $665 and $760 per semester. While many of the students already receive tuition assistance through federal aid and scholarships from the HCC Educational Foundation, they simply can’t afford the cost of books. Some drop out as a result, others share books with classmates which provides them with less than ideal access to the tools they need for their class.

To help, Cheryl established the Reynolds Book Endowment in 2005. Once an endowment fund reaches $25,000 it provides a continual source of funding through interest earnings. Once the Reynolds Book Endowment reaches this level it will generate about $1,250 for students each year.

The Reynolds Book Endowment has even greater significance for Cheryl as she sees it as a way to honor the legacy of her mother who worked in health care for 25 years.  Determined to see the endowment to fruition before she retires, Cheryl made an initial gift and has added to the funds. She has also begun to approach businesses to ask for their support.

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.