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Alethea Franklin, Accounting Student

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The Pathway Scholarship allows me to continue my education and pursue my dream without the stress and burden of having to juggle the bills, electricity, and food.
The Pathway Scholarship gave Alethea the opportunity to study at Howard Community College, and the edge she needed to succeed in her chosen career.

Growing up in Washington DC, Alethea eventually made her way out west, where she earned a bachelor's degree and master of business administration. When the economic recession hit in 2008, Alethea lost her job and her home. A single mother to a young son, Alethea made the difficult decision to move back east to find a job. She fell in love with Howard County, thanks to her son's involvement with a local Boy Scout troop, and found a job with the federal government.

While her life has improved, Alethea explains that she has a job, not a career. Wanting to be passionate about what she does for a living led Alethea to Howard Community College, where she is studying accounting with the goal of becoming an internal auditor. With the Pathway Scholarship, she can pursue her dream without the stress, burden and worry about how to balance tuition costs with her other bills.

According to Alethea, "I would not have been able to continue to go to school without the financial assistance."

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