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This is a fall semester unlike any other at Howard Community College. Instead of filling classrooms and chatting with friends on the Quad, students are signing into Zoom and connecting with classmates through virtual events. Despite the pandemic, HCC is continuing to deliver high-quality, affordable educational pathways to Howard County students. The challenges of 2020 have underscored the ongoing need for accessible higher educational opportunities to provide current and future generations with the ability to solve today’s critical problems. 

Central to the college’s mission is ensuring that pathways to success are open to all who seek them. Many students face more challenges than others along that path, and three programs, highlighted in this newsletter, are helping to clear barriers for those individuals. Read the story of Jeremiah Malloy, a Howard P.R.I.D.E student who has discovered a passion for world languages. Hear the voices of single parents who are receiving personal and peer support through the Career Links program. Learn how the Skilled Immigrant Program has evolved to expand opportunities for career-transition training for new immigrants in our community. And, hear how students are adapting to new modes of learning through the voice of Student Government Association president, Darryl Jeffries.

The HCC 5K Challenge Race is going virtual this year, and we hope to “see” you all on October 25th. We will be using a virtual race app to host a live event, and will even include some challenges in the mix. And, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the college. While we had hoped to celebrate in person, be sure to visit our 50th website that commemorates our milestone anniversary. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Howard Community College students!

Missy Mattey

Howard P.R.I.D.E Student Uncovers a Passion for Languages

Jeremiah Malloy

Jeremiah Malloy graduated from culinary school in Atlanta in 2010 and spent the beginning of his professional life in the kitchen, cooking for conference centers, senior living facilities, and Howard County General Hospital. Given Howard Community College’s proximity to the hospital, Malloy said it made sense for him to enroll in the college’s nutrition program and advance his career. But during his first semester, he took a Persian language class that changed his life.

Read more about his experience.


Career Links Students Share Impact of the Program

Before the pandemic, we sat down with several students in the Career Links program who shared their stories and revealed the impact the program has had on them personally, academically, and in life. Watch the interviews, and hear from the head of the program.

Watch students sharing about the impact.

Providing Pathways to Success for Skilled Immigrants

Jeremiah Malloy

The Skilled Immigrant Program, which has provided training and job placements for many qualified workers in Howard County, continues to evolve. The program now offers three class options, and is positioned to serve the needs of even more new immigrants with language, job search, and networking skills to benefit those seeking careers in a variety of fields.

Read more about this unique initiative.


Students Adapt to Online Learning

Jeremiah Malloy

The shift to remote and online coursework has not been easy, for students or faculty. However, we are adjusting and thriving. Earlier this summer, Student Government Association president Darryl Jeffries shared some motivational words for his fellow classmates.

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