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Funding Pathways - Fall 2016

josh grahamTHE FINAL STRETCH - Pathway Scholarship Match Program Almost Fully Funded!

Howard Community College’s mission is to provide pathways to success, but for too many students, financial barriers may stand in the way of that success. This is where the Pathway Scholarship can help.

In 2014, the Howard County Government provided a $2.5 million grant to the HCC Educational Foundation for the Pathway Scholarship, with $500,000 set aside for a matching campaign to grow the fund to $3 million by June 2017. To date, $360,000 has been raised with another $140,000 needed to fully fund the program.

Over 2,200 students have benefited from Pathway Scholarships. For some of these students, like Josh Graham, the Pathway Scholarship provides the needed support to make college dreams a reality.

After working for several years in a variety of jobs, including sales, home remodeling, and environmental restoration, Graham realized it was time to make a change and get a college degree.

His work experiences, combined with a passion for science, motivated him to pursue an environmental science degree at Howard Community College. As he approached his final semester at the college, Graham received additional financial support for his education through the need-based Pathway Scholarship.

“Fourteen years ago, if you told me that I would be here ... with an associate’s degree in environmental science, I would have dismissed it as folly,” said Graham, reflecting on his education prior to his Howard Community College graduation. He credits the Pathway Scholarship, along with the dedication and support he received from HCC professors and staff, with helping him along the path of his educational journey.

Since graduating from HCC, Graham is attending Towson University working towards a degree in environmental studies policy management. He will graduate in fall 2016. The Pathway Scholarship can help students overcome their financial barrier to success. With your donation to the Pathway Scholarship Match, you are helping to fund the future for these students.

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derek ammonsDerek Ammons

Derek Ammons had a good job as a computer scientist, but he didn’t have a degree in that field of study. The Laurel resident looked into his options, and Howard Community College caught his eye - again. Ammons had previously obtained an associate degree in Spanish, and knew HCC would provide him with an opportunity to attend classes while continuing to work.

In 2009, Ammons obtained an associate degree in computer science. But that’s not all he took away from attending HCC. Inspired by his own experience, Ammons wanted to give back and has been a donor for eight years.

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Whole Foods Partners for Future of HCC Students

On September 15, Whole Foods, Columbia will host a 5% Day to benefit HCC’s Pathway Scholarship Match. By shopping at Whole Foods on the 5% Day, you are helping grow the scholarship to a $3 million investment in HCC students!

Patrons will also be able to donate grocery items to the college’s food pantry. Hunger is a hidden barrier to student success. Many low income students struggle with food insecurity, which is why in 2015, the college opened a campus food pantry. While patrons are encouraged to donate items on September 15, Whole Foods, Columbia intends to become a regular donor to the food pantry throughout the year, giving weekly to the pantry.

HCC culinary students will show off their cooking skills at demo stations throughout the store. Dragon Digital Media, the HCC radio station, will be broadcasting in the store, and guests can learn more about select HCC programs. It will be a big day, but just the beginning of a relationship that serves students in a variety of ways.

In addition to shopping for groceries, there are many ways to participate in 5% Day!

  • Pick up lunch for yourself, or catering for a meeting
  • Stop by in the morning for coffee and a breakfast treat
  • Pick up carry-out for dinner on the way home
  • Order a pizza for the family or a group of friends
  • Buy items to donate to HCC’s Food Pantry

For more information, contact Anne Johnson, Director of Resource Development, 443-518-4227,

Giving makes a difference! Your support helps students along their pathways to success.