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Sensitive Guys

Sensitive Guys

“Sensitive Guys”

By MJ Kaufman
Directed by Joseph Ritsch

At Watson College a group of men have created a Men’s Peer Education group. At meetings they spend hours unpacking questions like: “What is male privilege?” and “What can we do about it?” At Watson College there are a group of women who have created a sexual assault survivors group. When a new woman attends the survivors group and reveals that her attacker was a member of the men’s group, things take a turn for the worse. Could it be that even sensitive guys are violent and aggressive? In this new and timely play, the men’s and women’s roles are played by the same actors trying to understand the intricacies of masculinity and violence.

“This compelling new work powers through most of its 90 minutes as a mystery, with Kaufman cleverly dropping clues and filling in the story… Though I had to sit up to full-throated laugh at regular intervals, I mostly perched at the edge of my seat in captivated enjoyment, still thinking about the ideas a day later” – The Inquirer

“MJ Kaufman’s Sensitive Guys provides a sometimes comical and sometimes tragic view of how, in spite of their best efforts, the various parties involved in preventing and reporting sexual abuse and harassment are given a choice between hurting themselves and their school or hurting the victims.” –

“SENSITIVE GUYS does not offer solutions. It does, however, show that even when we think we know the questions that there is really a whole lot more to deal with in such an intricate and complicated issue.” – Philly Review 

Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes
Intermission: no
Age Restrictions: NOT Recommended FOR AUDIENCE MEMBERS UNDER 13.
The subject matter of Sensitive Guys contains mature issues and language, including topics of sexual assault, and gender and race. We feel it is our responsibility to provide this warning and it is our sincere hope that our production provides thoughtful, positive and enlightening perspectives on such nuanced themes.   
Venue: The Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center's Monteabaro Recital Hall

Performance Schedule

 January 31 - February 2, 2019




January 31, 2019,
7:30 PM

February 1, 2019,
2:30 PM and 7:30 PM

February 2, 2019,
7:30 PM


FREE, no tickets required. 
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