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Music Concert Etiquette

Attending a music concert will be a positive experience for everyone if you observe a few simple courtesies:

  • Plan to arrive at least 30-40 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Parking is free, but during the week, it may be limited while classes are session. The West Parking Garage is the closest parking for the Horowitz Center.
  • If you arrive after the concert has started, the House Manager will bring you into the recital hall at the designated late seating times, if it is possible. You may be asked to sit in different seat than you were assigned in order to cause the least amount of disruption to the actors and audience members.
  • Turn off and put away all electronic devices prior to entering the theater.
  • Taking photographs and video recording in the recital hall is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not place your feet on or kick the seat in front of you.
  • The musicians onstage can see and hear the audience just as well as the audience can see and hear them. Please refrain from talking or moving around during the performance as it can be distracting to the musicians, as well as to other audience members.
  • Have fun! Attending a concert should be an enjoyable experience.

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