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Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center

As an educational and production venue, the Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center offers community members the opportunity to engage with the arts as patrons and as students. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, our annual themes open the doors for faculty, students, producers, and patrons to explore concepts through multiple perspectives and media. The center’s 2018-2019 theme, Wonder, was inspired by a desire to step back from our daily routines to relish in fascination of the world around us and consider possibilities yet unimagined. Wonder can lead to the discovery of new worlds. It can humble us and draw us closer as a society. Wonder paves the way for advancement and creation.  And so we ask - what would happen if we stopped to look at the world with the wonder of a child? What majestic and joyous discoveries await? Join us this season to take a moment and simply WONDER.



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