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Columbia Festival of the Arts: COLUMBIA FILM FESTIVAL - Student Short Film Celebration

Fri. Jun 28, 2019 10:00am - 12:30pm
Smith Theatre

Columbia Film Festival is brought to you by Anchor Construction Corporation

Do you love film? Join us June 27-29th for a diverse selection of juried films from Feature and Documentary productions, to Independent and Student Shorts, as well as a growing new category of Web Series. We celebrate films both Domestic and International with an five (5) time Emmy Award Winning Series.  Special Guests, Audience talk back Q&A panels, and VIP Events are bonus added opportunities throughout the Columbia Film Festival. 

Scheduled Films: 

  • Deliria 
    Something Bad Is About To Happen

    A slow, hot summer afternoon. A father sleeps while his child is drawing with pencils in a cross word puzzle. A wind moves through the grass - something bad is about to happen. Director Biography - Tomas Stark Artist and filmmaker born in 1982 in Stockholm. Graduated from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2017 with a masters in scriptwriting. Has previously studied at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.
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  • Dog Person
    A Pet Sitter Unravels Some Dark Secrets

    When a pet sitter goes to a house expecting to watch a dog but is instead greeted by a haunting man who believes himself to be a canine, the sitter must unravel the dark secrets surrounding the man and his owner, as well as survive a day of oddities, all in the name of providing for her economically vulnerable family. Director's Statement DOG PERSON is a story that I felt was important to tell right now, right at this moment. This is a film, told through a genre lens, about the abuse of the marginalized by those of high status who revel in their own power. Underneath the fictionalized absurdities are sad realities that feel right at home in a psychological thriller, in a tale that mirrors many of our own lives. This is a haunting yet darkly comedic tale.
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  • When I Leave
    Life At The Crossroads

    A young woman in the military fights her biggest battle at home on the days leading up to her deployment. "When I Leave" is a story of resilience, friendship and tough choices. This film explores the crossroads Jordan, a young woman in the military, comes to... and her decision to follow one or the other.  
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  • Hazards
    Careful When You Pull The Road To Help Someone

    The lives of three young men are changed one evening when they try to help a stranded civilian on the side of the road. Director Biography - Robert J. Greenwald Robert J. Greenwald began filmmaking in high school after taking an intro film-production class for "fun". That class sparked a passion that has carried Robert to create the award-winning production team, "Rob Productions". In 2016 and 2017, members of the Rob Productions team won national awards at the Student Television Network Competition, including First Place in 2017. Now, Robert is currently attending film school at Penn State University in pursuits of his dream in directing. Director Statement The short film, "Hazards", embodies the passion of Rob Productions. With two days until members of the team would be leaving for their next semester of school, Rob Productions came together to produce "Hazards". With our only equipment being a new Panasonic G7 camera, a shot gun mic, and "iPhone lights", I am very proud of what we were able to produce in 8 hours.
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  • Take Me To The Stars
    A Film About Love and Forgiveness

    A young boy with a vivid imagination tries to understand his father while dealing with the recent loss of his mother. Director Statement This film consists of an inclusive cast of characters - both within the film and behind the scenes. We feature a diverse family, in particular, a handicapped little boy, who is struggling to deal with post traumatic stress of the death of a family member. This film is about love and forgiveness. 
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Columbia Festival of the Arts

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