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AUDITIONS: Mystery Reading Series

Narnia Audition

Presented by HCC’s Arts Collective & the Howard County Poetry & Literature Society (HoCoPoLitSo)

Complete Audition Details!


OPEN AUDITIONS: For Ages 18 & Up!
November 5 & 7, 2018

Three separate and distinctly directed “whodunit” mystery plays are given passionate voice by a talented collection of students, staff, faculty, and community actors, followed by revealing post-reading discussions.

All plays will be presented in a traditional Play Reading format; actors will be seated with script placed on music stands in front of each actor. No experience or memorization is required! However, minor blocking/movement may be assigned.

Open Auditions for Classic, Clue, and/or The Real Inspector Hound:

Auditions are Open to All -- Ages 18 & Up -- November 5 & 7:
* Many roles are available for each play reading for actors/storytellers ages 18 and up, with or without experience.
* All students, including current/past HCC students, staff, faculty & guest artists are encouraged to audition.
* All roles non-paid, except for the huge benefit of working within an exciting, supportive learning community.

Mystery Reading Series Performances:

  • Friday, 1/25, 7:30 p.m.: Classic, an original play, written/directed by Daniel Johnston
  • Saturday, 1/26, 7:30 p.m.: Clue, based on the film & board game, directed by Susan G. Kramer
  • Sunday, 1/27, 2:00 p.m.: The Real Inspector Hound, by Tom Stoppard, directed by Tara Hart


Audition Dates, Times, Location:
--Monday, November 5, 6:30-9:00pm
--Wednesday, November 7, 6:30-9:00pm
Location: HCC’s Monteabaro Recital Hall, HVPA 130.
* No audition appointments; arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire duration. Auditionees arriving after 7:30pm may not be seen. Auditionees only need attend one audition.

Other Important Dates:
* Oct. 30: Deadline for emailing AC’s Audition Form (available online) to
* Nov. 12: Approximate date when the Cast List will be posted on AC’s website.
* Nov. 14, 7-10pm: First Company Meeting (mandatory).
* Jan. 02-24: Approx. 4 rehearsals per play reading will be scheduled between Jan 02-24, based on availability. The Rehearsal Schedule will be distributed at the 1st Company Meeting, 11/14/18.

3 Options Re: Submitting AC’s AUDITION FORM:
Option #1: 
[3 easy steps]
* Download, Complete & Email AC’s PDF fillable Audition Form online, save/ re-name, and email to by 10/30. Subject Line: Reading Series Audition Form from (YOUR NAME).
Download AC's Audition Fillable Form via PDF!
Option #2: Print out, complete, and bring it with you to the audition.
Option #3: Arrive 30 minutes prior to auditions (6pm) to fill out a blank form. Bring your personal/work/school calendar.

How to Prepare, What to Bring & What to Expect:
1. Audition Packet: Available in HCC’s Arts & Humanities Division Office (HVPA 200), M-F 9:00am-6:00pm.
AC’s Audition Packet include:
--- A Blank Audition Form, Audition Sides/Scenes actors will read during auditions, and a copy of this document!
--- Complete Scripts for all 3 plays may be signed out for all 3-Scripts for 3-hour perusals.
--- Auditionees unable pick-up the Audition Packet may email by 10/30. Subject Line: “Mystery Readings Audition Info Requested”. AC’s management will forward you the packet within 24 hrs.
--- All materials will be available at each audition.
2. Headshot and resume encouraged but not required.
3. Dialects are welcome but not necessary.
4. Attire: Closed-toe shoes, but otherwise, it’s up to you!
5. The directors will walk everyone through the process. Sides/roles will be assigned and auditionees will be given time to review scenes with partners prior to auditioning.
6. About Casting: For auditionees who would like to participate in specific readings – we will take actor request/s into consideration, however, casting decisions will be at the director’s discretion.
7. The directors seek to work with folks who are positive, reliable, collaborative, and are willing to take direction.

Play & Character Descriptions:

An original play written and directed by Daniel Johnston
Performance: Friday, January 25, 2019, at 7:30pm

Play Description
Nothing out of the ordinary was expected when a disreputable authoress penned a tired script for a murder-mystery party she was throwing, but when the murder element becomes all too real, buried secrets begin to surface and trust is abolished.

Character Descriptions
Narrator: (Male/Female, Age Indiscriminate) A sarcastic and unenthused character who has a real disdain for the tired murder-mystery.
Detective Narracott: (Male, 30-60) A stern, classic detective-type man who appears after the murders.

The Spinster/Quinn Arden: (Female, 18-30) A frigid and cold woman, who wrote the events of the evening and can't stand when things are disrupted/A childish and aggressive girl who will do anything to protect her husband.
The Doctor/Ellen Barr-Lenor: (Female, 18-30) An intelligible and somewhat tight-lipped woman who sees everything that goes on around her/An activist and current? woman who demands justice.

The General/Stephen Wicke: (Male, 18-30) A stupidly optimistic man who tries to keep order but is rarely heard or taken seriously/A gentle man who only wants what's best for those around him.

The Scientist/Donovan Arden: (Male, 18-30) An absolute madman who has an unhealthy obsession with The Doctor/Quinn's brother who may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Actor/Jesse Carter: (Male, 18-30) A careless and thoughtless young man who is more interested in drugs and partying than taking any responsibility/A privileged man whose actual personality is reflective of his character at the party.

The Servant/Nadine Forsythe: (Female, 18-30) A quiet and impressionable young girl who is often criticized for her lack of genius and questionable work ethic.

The Musician/Kendall Johnson: (Male/Female, 18-30) A non-speaking character who provides live underscoring to the events of the play. (Note: This role may or may not be available.)



Based on the Paramount Pictures motion picture, based on the Hasbro board game Clue
Adapted for the stage by Jonathan Lynn, Hunter Foster, Eric Price, Sandy Rustin
Directed by S.G. Kramer

Performance: Saturday, January 26, 2019, at 7:30pm


Play Description
A deserted mansion on a dark and stormy night in New England, 1954… what could go wrong? Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, Clue. Join the iconic oddballs known as Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard as they race to find the murderer before the body count stacks up.

Character Descriptions

Narrator: This actor will read important stage direction selections with clear yet subtle charm, wit, drama, humor.
Wadsworth: A traditional butler in every sense: uptight, formal and “by the book.” He is the driving force in the play.

Yvette: A sexy French maid with her own secret aspirations (also plays the Reporter in the final scene).

Miss Scarlet: A dry, sardonic D.C. madam who is more interested in secrets than sex.

Mrs. Peacock: The church-going wife of a senator. A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria.

Mrs. White: A pale, morbid, and tragic woman. Mrs. White may or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands.

Colonel Mustard: A puffy, pompous, dense blowhard of a military man.

Professor Plum: An academic Casanova who woos women with his big… brain.

Mr. Green: A timid, yet officious, rule follower. He’s a bit of a klutz and awfully anxious.

Ensemble to Play…
---The Cook: A threatening presence.

---The Motorist: A benign gentleman who rings the wrong doorbell.

---Auxiliary Scarlet: The back of Miss Scarlet during a scene of theatrical trickery.

---Auxiliary Wadsworth: Wadsworth during two scenes of theatrical trickery.

---Mr. Boddy: A slick, James Bond-type fella.

---The Cop: A “Regular Joe”

---An Agent: An FBI agent who helps to save the day.



Written by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Tara Hart

Performance: Sunday, January 27, 2019, at 2:00pm

Play Description
The Real Inspector Hound, (written in the 1960s), is a one-act play by Tom Stoppard (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Arcadia, Shakespeare in Love) that comically parodies Agatha Christie’s style of country house murder mysteries and collapses the walls among players, critics, and audiences to reveal deeper, darker truths about power and identity.

Character Descriptions

Theater Critics:

Birdboot: (Male, Senior/ Middle-Aged) A theatre critic.

Moon: (Male, Younger than Birdboot, 30s-50s) A second-string theatre critic, called to the production to review it in the absence of Higgs, another critic.

Play-Within-A-Play Characters:

Mrs. Drudge: (Female, 50-75) A domestic servant of Muldoon Manor.

Simon Gascoyne: (Male, 20-40) New to the neighborhood.

Felicity Cunningham: (Female, 18-25) A young friend of Cynthia's.

Cynthia Muldoon: (Female, older than Felicity) Apparent widow of Lord Albert Muldoon, who disappeared ten years ago.

Major Magnus Muldoon: (Male, 20s-50s) Lord Albert Muldoon's half-brother who just arrived from Canada.

Inspector Hound: (Male, 30s-50s) Appears from outside the house in the middle of the play to investigate an alleged phone call.


About the Directors:

Tara HartTara Hart (Director - The Real Inspector Hound) is chair of the HCC Humanities Department that Arts Collective now calls home. A professor and winner of the Pushcart Prize for poetry, she teaches courses in creative writing, happiness, contemporary poetry, and the intersections of arts, cultures, and ideas, and serves as co-chair of the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society (HoCoPoLitSo), an in-residence community arts partner. She has performed in AC’s Love, Loss, and What I Wore and The Christmas Carol, and in 2017 directed the Revolutionary Readings series play The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. She is thrilled to have another wonderful opportunity to direct with Sue and Daniel, and to Hound audiences in this year’s Mystery Reading Series.

Daniel Johnston bioDaniel Johnston (Director: Classic) has worked with HCC’s Arts Collective (AC) in many creative capacities on and off the stage since 2008 as performer, director, assistant director, playwright, designer, and stage manager. Most recent AC credits include AC’s 8th original play Making Advances; “What Improv Group?!”, HCC’s resident improv group; Holiday Memories; and the 2017 “Revolutionary Reading Series." Daniel also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed stage play House., which premiered during AC’s 2015-2016 season. House. was also produced at Laurel Mill Playhouse, where Daniel also directed Laughing Stock and is currently directing Agatha Christie's Spider's Web. He is also a screenwriter of the free-streaming horror movie “The Stalker” (search for it on VIMEO under Vague Productions). Currently AC’s Marketing and Office Associate, as well as a part-time student studying Spanish at HCC, Daniel is excited to work alongside two of his closest friends, Susan Kramer and Tara Hart, on this sure-to-be chilling weekend of mysteries!

SG KramerS. G. KRAMER (Director: Clue) is honored to have been Arts Collective’s producing artistic director since its inception in 1994. Over the past three decades Kramer has worked in the Baltimore-Metro area as director, designer and performer. Most recent projects directed include AC’s original, devised plays, Making Advances and Inheritors: The Nature of Keys, as well as AC’s production of Truman Capote’s Holiday Memories, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which was featured during last season’s "Revolutionary Play Reading Series". She celebrates Arts Collective’s beautiful integration with Howard Community College’s magical Humanities Department, and the continued gift of working side by side with Tara Hart, Daniel Johnston, Sarah Luckadoo, Emma K. McDonnell, and the many powerful beyond measure artists on and off the stage. She is over the moon about the mysteries AC's 2nd annual Play Reading Series will bring!

Directions: Howard Community College, 10901 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044
Parking (free & easy!): West Garage
Campus Site Map: Horowitz Performing and Visual Arts Center
Audition Location/ Building Map: Horowitz Center Monteabaro Recital Hall (HVPA 130)
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