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What Improv Group!?!? (W.I.G.)

W.I.G.'s 2018-2019 Season

You may notice that W.I.G.'s 9th season offerings during 2018-2019 might look quite a bit different than previous seasons. While W.I.G. will enjoy a bit of a hiatus this season, W.I.G. will still be performing in pop-up shows here and there throughout AC's 24th season... including hosting and headlining during AC's "Destination: Interfusion x 3" happening March 29-31! ! We'll post more details as they occur!

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About W.I.G.:
AC's What Improv Group?!?! (W.I.G.) began its on-stage journey February 2009. Over the past nine years, W.I.G. has been about creating and exploring its unique underground take on improv and storytelling. W.I.G. not only performs at Howard Community College (shows, workshops, and seminars), but also off-campus. Previous off-campus gigs have included the Baltimore Improv Festival, Red Branch Theatre Company, Columbia Festival of the Arts, and the Howard County Theatre Festival. Most notably, in 2017, W.I.G. coordinated and hosted Howard County's, first-ever improv festival ("Improvaganza") at HCC, which featured 12 improv troupes from the MD/DC/VA area, with Master Classes! Yes, there will be a 2nd annual "Improvaganza" improv festival this season!  W.I.G. has been proud of their partnership with Steppenwolf West (Los Angeles) from day one, hosting three summer intensives featuring instructors Alexandra Billings, Eric Hunicutt and Susan G. Kramer... and this season, W.I.G. is very proud to continue its artistic partnership for a third season with the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society (HoCoPoLitSo).

About the Directors: S.G. Kramer and Daniel Johnston
Inspired by so many wildly gifted artists, S.G. Kramer birthed W.I.G.'s truly unique style of improvisational storytelling over eight years ago. Kramer and Johnston have worked side by side on W.I.G.'s vision since its inception (Kramer as W.I.G.’s coach/director and Johnston as performer as well as co-director). Together, along with countless stellar improv artists, they have created and cracked open the magic that is W.I.G.!

Tara Hart, Arts Collective's Creative Writing Coordinator, is the Co-Chair of HoCoPoLitSo's Board of Directors, and is a professor and department chair of Humanities at Howard Community College. A winner of the Pushcart Prize for poetry, she helps students and alumni from HCC's creative writing courses as well as local writers affiliated with HoCoPoLitSo share their knowledge of memoir, short fiction, and poetry through their passionate practice of these arts.

About W.I.G.’s Partnerships

Howard County Poetry & Literature SocietyThe Howard County Poetry and Literature Society, known as HoCoPoLitSo (, is a community not-for-profit literary arts organization committed to cultivating appreciation for high-quality contemporary poetry and literature and celebrating culturally diverse literary heritages. As an HCC community-partner-in-residence, HoCoPoLitSo looks forward to supporting the emergence of new voices when the page meets the improv stage.

About HCC’s Arts Collective
Howard Community College's critically acclaimed Arts Collective engages performers, creatives, and audiences with innovative events that ignite our collective imaginations. For over two decades, Arts Collective has served as a creative cauldron, providing expert guidance and training to new and experienced artists in bringing vibrant life to diverse works on the stage; from the newly devised to the classics and all in between.  Arts Collective’s positive, collaborative, educational environment is open to everyone. Join us in creating new heights of learning and possibility.

Ignite your imagination! View AC’s 24th Season line-up here!  

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