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Arts Collective Press Room

AC 24th Season thumbnailReviews, Articles & Image Albums
2018 - 2019

Theme: "Wonder" - A Re-Cap:

AC 24th Season shattered all previous records! AC came very close to TRIPLING the number of audience members and Sold-Out performances... and involved more participants on and off the stage than ever before! Yes, AC’s 24th 2018-2019 Season provided approximately 300 opportunities for performers, crew members, directors, and designers who were involved in a variety of 9 events for a total of 24 performances... Wow! We extend armfuls of appreciation and gratitude to ALL of you for your glorious & generous support, time, energy… and for your amazing gifts! It takes a village, ya'll, and AC is beyond grateful to each and every one of you for showing up all season long!!!

AC’s 24th Season Promo Video by Bruce Press: Click Here!

Pip-Pip the Dragon: A Story of Wishes

June 6 – 16, 2019
Arts Collective's 9th Original, Devised Play!
Conceived by The Company
Directed by S.G. Kramer
Pip-Pip: Home Page

“Pip-Pip” Review:

The Baltimore Sun // Howard County Times, by Patti Restivo
“Pip-Pip delivers magic that is out of this world. -- The fanciful characters enacted by Kramer’s cast of 11 - switching diverse characters and costumes on a dime allows the actors to flex their range in standout performances too numerous to list. -- The morals of the story are wonderful — have faith in yourself and choose love over fear. These are lessons learned in this terrific production."  Read the Review Here!

“Pip-Pip” Images & Videos:

Photography by Bruce F. Press
Promo Video Here! 
Production Images Here! 

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Destination: Interfusion x3

Open Mic // Improv Mash-up // A Cabaret, “The Wonder of Broadway”
March 29 – 31, 2019
Destination: Interfusion x3 Line-Up: Home Page Here! 

Audiences enjoyed three various inspiring takes on artistic storytelling in wonderful and extraordinary ways! Each event included the talents of approximately 60 students, staff, faculty, and guest artists performing acoustic music, song, improv, poetry, spoken word, and much, much more within a fabulous cabaret setting.

“Destination: Interfusion x3” Images & Videos

Photography by Bruce F. Press
Promo Video Here! 
Production Images Here!

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Mystery Reading Series

January 25 – 27, 2019
Mystery Reading Series Home Page

Three separate and distinctly directed “whodunit” mystery plays were presented as staged readings during this 2nd annual play reading series. The following mystery plays were included: “Classic,” written and directed by Daniel Johnston; “Clue”, directed by S.G. Kramer; and “The Real Inspector Hound”, directed by Tara Hart. Sold-Out audiences unraveled all three thrilling mysteries, which were given passionate voice by a talented collective of HCC students, staff, faculty, and guest artists. Each reading was followed by post-reading discussions with the cast, directors, and special guests, with complimentary refreshments.

“Mystery Reading Series” Preview Article:

Baltimore Sun/ Howard County Times, by Katie V. Jones
“On Stage Reading of 3 Whodunits” A beautiful article Includes interviews from Susan Kramer and Tara J. Hart. Read the Preview Article Here! 

“Mystery Reading Series” Images & Videos”

Photography by Bruce F. Press
Promo Video Here! 
Production Images Here! 

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The Chronicles of Narnia

December 6 – 9, 2018
"Narnia" Home Page Here
· The Magician’s Nephew – Adapted by Aurand Harris, Directed by Daniel Johnston
· The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe – Adapted by Don Quinn, Directed by Cheryl J. Campo

Both beloved books were brought to life by Arts Collective’s uniquely creative storytelling, music, and movement performed by a plethora of HCC students, alumni, faculty and guest artists. Sold-Out audiences experienced both classic tales in back-to-back performances.

“Narnia” Reviews:

DC Metro Theater Arts, by Cybele Pomeroy
"The cast of The Chronicles Of Narnia - a set of two one-acts presented by the Arts Collective @HCC at Howard Community College - is multi-generational and ethnically diverse. The children in the audience seem enraptured by the characters and action, and have the opportunity to meet their favorites in the lobby afterwards. This production provides warm fuzzies in a chilly setting, and that’s the right thing for a holiday-season show to do."
Read the Review Here!

Maryland Theatre Guide, by Susan Brall
“...these are good morals at Holiday Time, and dialogue about “Giving, not taking. Helping not destroying is a message we should live by the whole year… get a break from comic book super heroes. In this theatrical production, the heroes are the children.”  Read the Review Here!

“Narnia” Videos and Images:

HCC Dragon Digital's "In the Spotlight" Video Here!
Promo Videos & Images by Bruce F. Press
---Costume Design Vid Here! 
---Directors Vid Here! 
---Promo Vid Here! 
---Production Images Here! 

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Shakespearean Shenanigans: Variations on Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark

October 19 – 21, 2018
Directed by Howard Berkowitz
Shakespearean Shenanigans Home Page

AC’s side-splitting event, inspired by the frivolity of the Bard’s verbal and physical comedy, which featured the talents of HCC students, alumni, faculty and guest artists.

“Shakespearean Shenanigans” Images & Videos:]

Photography by Bruce F. Press
Promo Video Here!
Production Image Album Here! 

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