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Rebecca Bafford and Kini Collins: “Umbra”

Umbra Postcard

"Umbra" is a ceramic, sculptural, and installation-based exhibition concentrating on light, shadow, memory, and relics.

Rebecca Bafford
The Rouse Company Foundation Gallery
August 26-September 22, 2019

Artist Statement:
Fossils and relics are tangible memories. Their presence reminds us to pay attention to our past for clues about where we are going. Examining the path that we are on empowers us to make decisions that hopefully take us in the direction we want to go. They remind us of the delicate balance between life and death—that one cannot exist without the other. Shadow and light share a similar relationship. Where one ends the other begins. 

In this exhibition, the work and the display were given equal time and consideration. Both were inspired by plant and animal fossils at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and human remains at the Mutter Museum. Study of the “skeletal remains” of dying coral reefs directly influenced the choice of materials. All porcelain pieces are high-fired to 2232 degrees F, which vitrifies them and makes them impervious to water.


Kini Collins
Richard B. Talkin Family Art Gallery
August 26 – September 22, 2019

Artist Statement:
Ancient texts, relics and fossils are the underpinnings of culture. Our ethos is formed from the evidence we unearth. From it, we create stories that we hold to be true. The collectors of the evidence and the writers of the stories wield enormous power. We must continuously examine their interpretations. To do that, it is helpful to look into the shadows. 

I made the pieces in this exhibit by covering wire forms with cotton and plaster. Each piece was then painted with lemon juice, wrapped in muslin and set on fire. I soaked the barbed wire in vinegar to remove its shine. The letters of the Codex and the Birds are suspended with waxed linen twine.

Reception: Thursday, September 12, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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