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“Creative Quest: Art From the Holocaust’s Second Generation”

This exhibit is postponed until further notice. Please stay tuned for new exhibit dates. 

“Creative Quest: Art From the Holocaust’s Second Generation”
The Rouse Company Foundation Gallery

While not experiencing the Holocaust firsthand, children of survivors are nonetheless profoundly affected by it.

The seven artists in this exhibit are children of Holocaust survivors. They are individual voices of the Second Generation. These artists work from/against/with the impact of a family history they know or sense from their interactions with surviving family members. The subject matter of their work, the materials they use, and the themes they address reflect the intense nature of their family history. In some of the work, it is clear what informs the artistic process; while in other works, the connection is more subtle. It can be how paint is applied, or absences reflected, or even the scale of the pieces. These artists express a belief in art, and through art have found their individual voices and visions in relation to the Holocaust.

All of the art, in some way, has been affected by an “inherited” history permanently interwoven through the lives and works of these artists.


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